Kevin Durant Girlfriend: Know all about Cassandra Anderson and are the couple still dating?

Get to know all about Kevin Durant’s ex/girlfriend Cassandra Anderson, and the Couple.

Kevin Durant and Cassandra Anderson
Kevin Durant and Cassandra Anderson

The Brooklyn Nets’ star player Kevin Durant has been one of the most highly eligible bachelors in the NBA, dating several women in and outside the league including WNBA players, Models, Social Media Influencers, Actresses or singers, you name it.

Kevin’s high social media activity testifies his liking towards many different women, as his “likes” and “comments” on various women’s posts are put under scanner by many different people and interested parties including the media.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

At one point of time, Kevin Durant was supposedly dating Cassandra Anderson, who was highly discussed in the NBA world due to some of Durant’s peculiar actions which came out as a shocker to many.

The beginning of the end of their supposed relationship began when Durant allegedly denied kissing Cassandra at the end of the NBA finals, post which, Durant went in “free agency” trying to find a partner for himself.

Who is Cassandra Anderson?

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Cassandra Anderson

Born on May 25, 1990, 31-year-old Cassandra Anderson was a volleyball player in her college days, therefor justifying her 6’1 height.

Born in California, Cassandra currently works as a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale properties in California, previously going to high school in Bakersfield.

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She became a 3-time offensive MVP and Bakersfield Californian Player of the year in 2007. While in University of Florida, she played volleyball for the Gators team.

After graduating in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in recreation and tourism Anderson started working as a realtor in 2016, and then a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway in 2017.

When and how did Durant and Anderson Meet?

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson
Kevin Durant playing for the Golden State Warriors

Durant and Anderson have known each other since around 2017, when Durant was playing for the Golden State Warriors and Cassandra Anderson was seen in the Players’ Spouses gallery, sparking rumors of them dating, while also both of them being omnipresent on each other’s social media accounts, including Cassandra’s Snapchat account.

Durant had been private about his relationships back then post his breakup with Monica Wright to whom he was engaged at one point, which was termed as a “high school sweetheart” love story by Monica Wright who is a WNBA player.

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Kevin Durant

One of the reports back in 2018 said “We’ve been receiving word that KD and Cass are done. One thing’s for sure, Kevin Durant is doing a lot on Instagram, and recently started liking model Amy Shehab’s pics. It’s been over for Cass and KD, he likes everybody. Random models and singers. Looks like he’s playing the field says our source”

Kevin Durant’s Current Flings

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Kevin Durant Rumored to be with Lana Rhoades

Durant, one of the most highly active NBA players in the dating scene has been spotted with a plethora of women throughout his 33 years of age, being engaged to Monica Wright at one point, which was called off, to being seen with ex-adult film actress Lana Rhoades most recently.

The Lana Rhoades encounter went viral when she mentioned in her podcast that she went on a date with a Brooklyn Nets player, who was also a Libra, which fans didn’t take much time in decoding, that it was Durant.

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Lana Rhoades on her Podcast

What was also peculiar about the incident was that Durant allegedly brought other women as “backup” on their date!

At this point in time, Kevin Durant appears to be single, but you never know what goes on in the background, for Kevin, though currently injured is one of the most highly active “players” in the dating scene and his social media presence is worth a scanner to find out when and with whom will he be spotted. Though called “boring” and “not spicy enough” by Lana Rhoades, Kevin seems to be the perfect fit for many women, testifying against Lana’s comments that the “EasyMoneySniper” doesn’t have any “game”.

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