“King James got his fourth and final ring because of Steph” Skip Bayless idiocies comes to show once again after LeBron James stretches win record to 5-0 in ASGs

LeBron James won his 5th All-Star Game as a captain and is unbeaten as an All-Star Captain. Skip Bayless takes a dig at LeBron James, as he merely won it because of the heroics from Stephen Curry.

Skip Bayless on LeBron James

Skip Bayless is now synonymous with LeBron James, whatever the King does, win, lose, or put on a performance worthy of an MVP or not, Skip Bayless will always be there. Skip is back at him again, after LeBron hit the game-winning shot, Skip Bayless came again with his theatrics.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have a marvellous All-Star game

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LeBron James and Stephen Curry after All-Star win

LeBron James returned to his home with Stephen Curry by his side in Cleveland, as they played together in the All-Star game. Team LeBron won the game by 163-160. The NBA All-Star has been changed since 2018, where the two-leading vote-getters will be elected as captains and will then draft a team of their own from a pool featuring other All-Stars.

LeBron James has been named captain from the last 5 seasons in the All-Stars and has won each and every one of them, facing Curry in 2018, facing Giannis in 2019, and facing Kevin Durant in 2021 and 2022. Stephen Curry was picked by LeBron James in the draft and the two were teammates once again. Both had a heavy influence on the game. Stephen Curry shot 50-points on the night out of which, he had 16 3-pointers in the game, Team Durant was without their captain Kevin Durant as he is out with an injury. The game was back and forth, and the game was contested till the very end, as Team LeBron clinched the victory by 163-160.

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LeBron James is 5-0 as an All-Star Captain

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LeBron James

LeBron James has extended his record to 5-wins in the All-Stars games and losing none as a captain, a game which saw the King Score the last bucket of the game to win it. LeBron James shot a 2-pointer to end the game and come out as a winner. Skip Bayless took shots at LeBron James after his game-winning bucket, “LEBRON JAMES, WORST SUPERSTAR LATE-GAME FREE-THROW SHOOTER EVER.”, Said skip on Twitter. As for LeBron James, he received warm applause on social media after his All-Star performance.

Stephen Curry took most of the plaudits for his 50-points performance in the All-Star Game to stretch LeBron James’ record as a captain to 5-0, without Kevin Durant, Team Durant put up a fight against Team LeBron, Skip Bayless didn’t join in the celebrations and took to Twitter to share his opinion, “As you just witnessed, nobody can get as hot in regular-season games and especially All-Star Games as Steph Curry can. And no superstar can go colder in big playoff games than Steph – see Games 5/6/7 vs Cavs in 2016 Finals. LeBron got his 4th and final ring compliments of Steph.”

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