LeBron James, JA Morant and other NBA superstars react to Rams punching their way through to Super Bowl

Many NBA stars including LeBron James, JA Morant and Kyle Kuzma congratulated the Los Angeles Rams for winning the NFC Championship against San Francisco 49ers.

LeBron James, JA Morant and Kyle Kuzma
LeBron James, JA Morant and Kyle Kuzma

The excitement, rush and build up to the Super Bowl is incomparable. Moreover, with the business end upon us, it seems like many NBA superstars have been thrilled to witness the Rams vs 49ers.

Los Angeles Rams, the team based out of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area won a close match against their counterpart, The San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship, which is one of the two semi-finals of the National Football League.

Drawing parallels between the NFL and the NBA, the NFC is similar to the Conference finals in the NBA which are technically the semi-finals in NBA.

The Rams had a close margin 20-17 victory against the 49ers, which made the match more interesting and filled it with thrill.

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The Los Angeles Rams, a team full of superstars including Matthew Stafford, and Odell Beckham Jr. who specifically transferred to the team mid-season for this very purpose of winning a Superbowl ring, went all in this season, performing just the way their fans would’ve expected them to perform.

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The team now finds itself close to winning a Superbowl ring after defeating the 49ers, and will face the Cincinnati Bengals in their home stadium, with hopes of bagging the Superbowl 2022.

NBA Stars React to LA Rams winning the NFC Championship

LeBron James
LeBron James

After winning the NFC Championship in a close match against the 49ers, The Rams found themselves in a position which they worked hard all season for.

They were not only appreciated by fellow American Football stars, but also by their friends from the NBA.

Lebron James:

LeBron James’ tweet

LeBron James was one of the first NBA stars to congratulate the Rams on their hard-fought victory.

While LeBron hails from Ohio, he has had several conflicted views while choosing which team to support in the NFL, also being the recipient of comments like “Bro, choose a team” from NBA Twitter which erupted after this Tweet from LeBron.

Through the years, LeBron has supported Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys and now decided to support the LA Rams because of the cross-promotional relation he has with the LA Lakers in the NBA.

JA Morant:

Morant’s Tweet appreciating Beckham Jr.

JA Morant who was just declared as the Starter for the NBA All-Stars supported the Los Angeles Rams and specifically Odell Beckham Jr. who changed teams mid-season to come to the LA Rams.

Morant Consoling the player

OBJ was also seen consoling 49ers player Deebo Samuel, to which Morant reacted, by giving a sweet, motivational message.

Kyle Kuzma:

Kuzma’s Tweet

Washington Wizards’ star player, and LeBron’s past teammate, Kyle Kuzma took to twitter, to congratulate Rams’ star, Matt Stafford for his hard-earned victory.

Kuzma and Stafford also share a subtle bond as Kuzma hails from Michigan, where Stafford played his entire career, before transferring to the Rams.

Ex-NBA players and legends, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar also reacted to the Rams winning, and congratulated them for the match they played and their entire season’s hard work.

Magic Johnson’s Tweet
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Tweet

The NBA and NFL players have always had special relations, most of them congratulating each other on important victories or even consoling them on hard fought losses. You might also see most of them hanging out at parties or other social events which is a common sighting. Though the Promotions and Sports are different, the players don’t let that be a barrier and their greatness in their own respective sports goes beyond all of the drama and comparisons which people create.

With the Rams now winning the NFC championship, it will be interesting to see what happens in the finals between Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals as none of the teams are looking to concede defeat. It all goes down on 14th Feb in the Rams’ home ground.

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