Malik Monk & Austin Reaves React to Laker’s Decision of Firing Frank Vogel

Austin Reaves and Malik Monk share views on Frank Vogel's anticipated exit as head coach.

Malik Monk, Frank Vogel and Austin Reaves
Malik Monk, Frank Vogel and Austin Reaves

After the team management fired the Lakers head coach for an awful season where the team failed to make it even to the playoffs, the Lakers lineup still seemed enthusiastic about Frank Vogel’s role as the head coach and appreciated his dedication to the overall development of the team. Few of the players who were appreciative of Frank Vogel post the last regular-season game were Malik Monk and Austin Reaves.

After a surprising performance by both (Malik Monk-41 points Austin Reaves- 31 points, 16 rebounds, 10 assists) against Denver Nuggets, they shared their views on their exceptional performance and how Frank Vogel is responsible for it.

Malik Monk on Frank Vogel: “I love that man.”

Malik Mon
Malik Monk

Starting with the SG Malik Monk, he said in the conference, “I love the man. He gave me a chance. This was the only team that called me in the offseason and gave me a chance. I have nothing bad to say about him. All praise goes to him. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have a chance to play basketball.”

Monk also talked about what went on within the team during the challenging journey and how Frank Vogel remained cool and calm throughout the season despite the downfall and uncertainties faced by the team.

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Austin Reaves on how Frank Vogel bet on him

Austin Reaves in action against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night
Austin Reaves in action against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night

After a tremendous performance and ending the regular season with a triple-double, Austin Reaves talked about how Frank Vogel bet on him despite not being drafted and motivated him to perform better. Reaves was the night’s hero as he pushed his limits by doing a little bit of everything. Reaves showed off his versatile skillset from rebounding to playmaking before taking over in the second half and the OT.

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What beholds for the Lakers in the future as they officially part ways with Head Coach Frank Vogel

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Los Angeles Lakers

After seeing the exceptional performance in their last regular-season game, one can not stop thinking whether it was a hasty decision to fire Frank Vogel and would it be worth it to bet on him for another season and allow him to develop fresh faces like Reaves and Monk. Nevertheless, the Lakers will have a long rest as they are out of playoffs, and the management will be busy hunting for a new coach for the next season as they have officially parted ways with Frank Vogel.