“Bulls are the best team in the league”- NBA fans go crazy over DeMar DeRozan buzzer-beating 3 pointers

The Chicago Bulls player getting appreciation for helping his team win 6th game in a row

DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan

Thanks to the late-game magic of Chicago Bulls player DeMar DeRozan, Bulls have defeated Indiana Pacers to register the team’s 6th straight win in the league.

DeRozan during the fourth quarter used his skills and to score a three-pointer by standing only some steps behind the line and leading the team to win. His teammates rushed towards him for the win however a sign of relief could be seen on his face for giving a win to his team which he told after the game to the media.

“We couldn’t get a rebound. We couldn’t get going offensively. It felt like we were getting beat up here and there. So it was a big-time relief for me.”– DeRozan after the game.

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Twitter praises DeMar DeRozan for him calling the game against pacers

DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan

Users and Bulls fans immediately took to Twitter and appreciated the Bulls player for his end-moment three-pointer and were even demanding the MVP title for DeRozan for his outstanding work and contribution in winning the game.

The Bulls have their longest game-winning streak after the year 2017, their 23-10 standing now makes them contenders for Brooklynn Nets for the top seed in the Eastern Conference, and there won’t be any stopping as both of them own a tiebreaker.

Chicago still managed to maintain their winning streak despite the ongoing pandemic making players go out of the teams due to the health and safety protocols. The team has their head coach Billy Donovan still sidelined due to the safety protocols. However, the teams’ performance has been consistent and better which makes the players worthy of appreciation.

For the Bulls to continue dominating like this in the eastern conference, they have to be consistent with this level of performance in their games. DeMar DeRozan might be a debatable name for being the MVP name right now in the present but has all the elements of being a future superstar in all aspects.

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