‘Seriously?’: Netizens baffled by Brooklyn Nets’ unbelievably low ranking in best management

Netizens are not pleased with ESPN keeping the Brooklyn Nets' way too low in latest best management rankings.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets is definitely among the better teams in the NBA. The star-studded unit has a number of players who are a force to reckon with in the world of basketball and it won’t be wrong to say that they are well and truly in contention for winning the 2021-22 edition.

The Nets have got giants like James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving in their squad who can make the best of teams look like a bunch of rookies. Recently, ESPN named Nets as the No. 1 team in Future Power Rankings which doesn’t really come as a surprise.

‘Nets No. 1 in future power, but No. 7 in management, how and why?’: Fans not pleased with Latest ESPN rankings

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

The Nets are undoubtedly the frontrunners when it comes to winning the title. So ESPN ranking them at the top in this particular field was actually liked by netizens. However, ESPN also issued the rankings in best management in NBA which baffled the fans.

ESPN gave the Nets seventh spot alongside Los Angeles Clippers in best management rankings. Fans were certainly not pleased with this and took to Twitter to ask ESPN how they actually arrived at the decision to keep Joe Tsai, Sean Marks, and Steve Nash’s combination at the seventh spot.

In their latest Preseason encounter, the Nets were defeated by Philadelphia 76ers by a deficit of 9 points. Before that, they were able to get past Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks without much hassle. The star-studded unit will next take on Minnesota Timberwolves.

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