“He’s one of the best professionals to do his job” 2xNBA Champ says Kevin Durant would still be loyal to the Nets if he is not traded.

“He’s one of the best professionals to do his job” 2xNBA Champ says Kevin Durant would still be loyal to the Nets if he is not traded.

Mike Miller goes past Kevin Durant in the 2012 NBA FInals

The Brooklyn Nets are preoccupied as Kevin Durant asked for a trade after Kyrie Irving decided to opt into his player option earlier this month. Therefore, the current scenario involving the team and Kevin Durant is not the “best” ideal circumstance. Even though Durant had requested for a trade and told the Nets his preferences, they are having trouble moving their Superstar. The 33-year-old megastar’s deal has four years left, and the Nets have all the sway.

However, their franchise player’s ranking makes it tough for other teams to advance. KD’s desire for a trade has drawn harsh criticism for being “the surest path to a championship,” but Mike Miller, a former champion with the Miami Heat, supports the MVP for his professionalism. Kevin Durant is the most unapproachable legend the NBA has ever had. For that, he has to be supported and  he has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets mess he brought forward.  He has done this before, and he will do it again and he will be accountable for that.


Kevin Durant’s short spanned Nets career.

Kevin Durant’s exit from the Brooklyn Nets seems likely given that neither the player nor the team have shown much interest in continuing their relationship. KD’s demand for a trade, however, put the rest of the NBA on notice given that he has a 4-year contract, and now almost every franchise is attempting to find out how to get him. Three years ago, the Brooklyn Nets were having a good time as a team after acquiring Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in 2019 free agency, instantly transforming the organization—which had never won a championship—into a serious Eastern Conference title contender. The Nets’ situation is deteriorating and they are still without a title after three years.

In 55 games, Kevin Durant’s third season with the Nets saw him average 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists. In accordance with an extension he agreed to previous offseason, Durant has a 194 million deal with Brooklyn that runs through the 2025–2026 season. Durant was chosen by the Seattle SuperSonics in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft out of the University of Texas. Two MVP honours in the Finals have been awarded to Durant, a two-time NBA champion. He was selected for 12 All-Star games, 10 All-NBA teams, and one MVP award during the regular season.

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Former NBA player Mike Miller discussed Kevin on SiriusXM NBA Radio. Miller claimed that KD always concentrates on playing basketball. Even if Durant is a member of the Nets when training camp gets underway, in Miller’s opinion, he will still come up and give it his all, demonstrating his passion for the game. “I guarantee you, if Sean Marks and Kevin Durant can’t come to an agreement, or another team can’t come to an agreement with the trade, he’s going to show up at training camp. He’s gonna bust his a**. He’s gonna do everything he needs to do. He’s gonna be professional about it”, he stated.

Due to KD’s four-year contract, the Brooklyn Nets have all the negotiating power in recent trade speculations. A force like Durant would be far more expensive to acquire. The Nets could have to start again if they lose Durant, so they might be more focused on accumulating draught picks going forward.

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