76ers’ DISRESPECTFUL behavior towards James Harden to be investigated, NBA announces

James Harden is investigated by the NBA with regards to the violation of the PPP policy and unapproved absence from the training facility.

76ers’ DISRESPECTFUL behavior towards James Harden to be investigated, NBA announces

James Harden (via Pinterest)

Sources suggest the NBA will start investigating the Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden. The investigation concerns violating the recently launched PPP policy (Player Participation Policy). The league will investigate to understand the reason behind the former MVP’s absence from the practice sessions with the 76ers. They also hope to see to his availability for the opening night for the 76ers.


NBA spokesman Mike Bass, in a media interaction, stated:

We are looking into the facts around James Harden's availability tonight to determine whether an approved reason exists for his lack of participation.

Harden’s distaste for the 76ers and his demand to join the LA Clippers took a new turn. This recent investigation of violating the PPP policy might favor Harden. The league set the new PPP policy to increase the availability of star players for nationally televised games. Harden’s absence indirectly brought the 76ers under scrutiny concerning the violation of the PPP policy. The policy suggests the league could fine a team $100,000 for the first offense. The league can also impose more penalties if it continues.

Sources suggest that the Sixers decided to keep James Harden on the roster after his return from a 10-day absence, what they call a leave pertaining to “personal matters.” They also believe that Harden could get back in game shape before the regular season kicks off at the 76ers practice facility with the help of development coaches and medical staff.


James Harden returns to Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers star James Harden returned to the team’s practice facility in Camden, New Jersey. Harden’s arrival was something of a surprise for the team as he returned after his 10-day leave to tend to his personal matters, which were eventually excused by the team’s management.

James Harden
James Harden in action Vs. LA Clippers (Credits: @ESPNStatsInfo on Twitter)

The team management approached Harden on arrival. They advised the former MVP to speed up the training process. They told him not to travel with the team for their two away games. However, it was reported that the main reason behind Harden’s return to the training facility was Buthe agenda to fly to Milwaukee for Thursday’s season opener.

With that being said, James Harden was reported to have boarded the plane with the team leaving for Milwaukee for the opening night until security officials notified the MVP that he wasn’t permitted to travel with the team. Sources suggest that the 76ers’ head coach Nick Nurse advised Harden to stay back and follow their workout plan, which includes staying at the facility for the time the team was away.

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