“A hole in the middle of his shirt” – TRUE STORY behind Jimmy Butler’s Timberwolves practice frenzy, Jeff Teague reveals ‘what actually happened’

Jimmy Butler's former teammate reveals the story behind an infamous practice scrimmage in Wolves' franchise history.

“A hole in the middle of his shirt” – TRUE STORY behind Jimmy Butler’s Timberwolves practice frenzy, Jeff Teague reveals ‘what actually happened’

Jimmy Butler is one of the toughest players out there, on and off the court. Leading the way for the Miami Heat, Butler and company pulled a major upset, as they beat the first seed in the playoffs. Butler had previously played for the Sixers as well as the Timberwolves following his Bulls tenure. Jimmy played for the Wolves for one season, in which he led the team to a playoff experience after 14 years.

The Wolves would get eliminated by the Rockets in the first round. Jimmy Butler was known for being the toughest player during practice. His practice stories are similar to those of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Playing for the Wolves, Butler averaged 22 points, five rebounds, and five assists. He was tough on his teammates during practice. There were times when Butler would play against the starters, without having any of the Wolves’ players on his team.

During the start of the 2018-19 season, Butler had requested a trade from the Wolves. Though after the front office declined, he was then forced to participate in team practices. Butler seemed fed up with his situation, as he continued to practice with the team. Butler decided to not team up with the starters for a scrimmage and instead wanted the G-League players to team up with him. This practice scrimmage would be the reason for Butler’s departure from Minnesota.

Jeff Teague, who played alongside Butler at the time shared this practice story recently. During the scrimmage, Jimmy took off his warmup gear and had the Wolves t-shirt and shorts on, except his gear was missing the name of the city, Minnesota. “He got the Timberwolves shirt on, but he cut the Minnesota out, he cut the Minnesota out the shorts. He out here with a hole in the middle of his shirt, in the middle of his leg…”, recalled Teague.

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Jimmy Butler is all about hard work, and never fails to impress

Jimmy Butler in 2020 Finals
Jimmy Butler during the 2020 Finals

The scrimmage ended with Butler’s team winning, 18-6. Jimmy walked out of practice after he refused to play another game versus the starters. By the time the practice had ended, Teague and the other players went to the locker room, where they saw Jimmy Butler giving an interview with Rachel Nichols. “We go in the locker room, ESPN pop up. Rachel Nichols and Jimmy Butler on TV. We like , ‘what the…’, he like, ‘Yeah I just killed them at practice you know, I think they all good players’…”, said Teague

Butler was already at his home giving an interview, while the practice at the facility had just ended. This incident wasn’t taken lightly at all by the team, as Butler was soon traded to the Sixers. Regardless of the outcome, which was indeed in the favor of Butler, it just shows how determined he is to have himself and his teammates be on the same page. His hard work finally shined when he took the Heat to the Finals in the 2020 postseason, but couldn’t win it all.

The Heat have advanced to the second round, as they will play the New York Knicks. The series is yet to start, though looking at Butler’s previous performances, the Heat might be in a good position. So far into the postseason, Butler has been the best player to watch. With the next series scheduled for Sunday, it will be interesting to see what Butler has for the Knicks.

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