“A true American patriot!” – Ja Morant fans ACCUSE ‘woke haters’ of being racist towards Grizzlies’ star in recent gun debacle

Ja Morant's second amendment invoked by NBA fans amidst suspension rumors

“A true American patriot!” – Ja Morant fans ACCUSE ‘woke haters’ of being racist towards Grizzlies’ star in recent gun debacle

Ja Morant

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was involved in another gun-related incident but is receiving mixed reactions this time. After being caught using a gun in his car, some fans on Twitter feel that he has a right to own a gun in the privacy of his car. The Grizzlies star is suspended for his actions from the Grizzlies, and the NBA is yet to release an official punishment.


Reputed ESPN journalist Adrian Wojnarowski released a statement saying – “I think Ja Morant is facing a lengthy, a significant suspension to start next season if indeed that was a firearm in his hand in that video. … I don’t think Adam Silver is going to take this one lightly.” This is not the first time Ja has been caught using a gun, which makes this incident even more severe as he had apologized on the previous occasion.

NBA Fans, however, had their perspective where they felt Morant was well within his right to keep a gun. They accused that if a white man had a weapon, people would call it self-defense. The second amendment of the United States was brought into discussion as well. However, the grounds under which the NBA suspended him last time was ‘conduct detrimental to the league,’ which is essentially stating since he is an employee of the NBA, he has to follow specific rules.

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NBA fans on Twitter are persistent that Ja Morant was well within his rights

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Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies during the 2022/23 regular season (Via: Getty)

NBA fans went after the ‘radical left’ of the country, this time claiming that the democrats of the nation are oppressing Morant. “JA MORANT IS A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT! THE RADICAL WOKE LEFT DONT WANT TO SEE A BLACK MAN WITH A GUN! FREE THIS AMERICAN HERO!” – said one fan on Twitter. The 23-year-old has not released any official statement on the incident yet, but it seems he might have some support this time.

One fan suggested that Morant should be banned and jailed for illegal gun possession, to which another user replied – “I think if Ja Morant is white, you would be here defending his right to bear arms instead of your suggestion to destroy his life and career.” This sentiment was also echoed by Kwame Brown, who mentioned how Skip Bayless would not care how many guns NFL star Tom Brady would have when Morant was first caught with guns in March 2023.

NBA Fans also commented on the hypocrisy in the media towards rappers and actors who promote gun usage in their songs and movies. The NBA is known for playing hip-hop music in stadiums and involving rappers in their promotional events, as one fan pointed out – “Guns in almost every American movie, referenced in every other rap song. But Ja Morant is a problem for showing his gun in the privacy of his own car?

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