“This chick is so weird” Al Horford’s sister Anna Horford, pulls a ‘Matt Barnes’ by retracting her wild Ime Udoka theory

Anna Horford pulls a Matt Barnes-like take for Ime Udoka’s situation.

Ime Udoka and Anna Horford
Ime Udoka and Anna Horford

Anna Horford is back in the headlines and now it really feels like she’s in the league and also a part of the Boston Celtics franchise. As she recently gave out another take on Ime Udoka’s situation and this time it was a changed story probably because she realized the reality and knew it was too late. So Anna Horford had to fix her mistake and all those tweets of her now stand deleted. She unnecessarily brought race into the already controversial situation and got herself in trouble. But still, she hasn’t apologized for bringing race into the situation.

Ime Udoka
Ime Udoka

Anna Horford earlier believed that the situation is unfair and it’s because of the race and things would have been different if it was a white man instead. To some point, we can respect her take as racism is very real out there. But again this was a completely different situation. Where Anna Horford got all the attention for bringing in race while it should have been about it all getting discussed publically even though it was a consensual relationship.

The reports sounded wrong to many at first as they were furious on it all getting out to the public with incomplete information. But now things are down and calm as the voices now probably know how bad the situation was in Boston. The general public though is still unaware about it and Ime Udoka stands suspended for a whole season. With all these things happening around even Anna Horford tweeted out the reasoning for the earlier take by her and even apologized for being sensitive to the comments against Ime Udoka and reacting to them senselessly.

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Anna Horford pulls a Matt Barnes-like take for Ime Udoka’s situation

Anna Horford
Anna Horford

Anna Horford resting her case on Twitter quoted: “I just want to say, my comments on Ime last week were based on what I  thought I knew at the time. When someone is given new information, their opinion will often change/develop. I was initially sensitive to the comments that were calling for his head for this reason: People of color see the world through a much different lens. We are often protective of one another because we know the scales will always tipped against us…”

Further, Anna added: “This viewpoint is often disregarded by people who live in a system that is specifically tailored to them. So I would like to clarify —it’s not happening because he’s Black but being Black will attribute to his punishment. I apologize for how I navigated the situation, but I will not apologize for “bringing race into it” — Race was already a factor. Anytime a situation involves a poc, race will always be a factor. If you aren’t privy to that fact, it’s because you’ve never had to be…”

She apologized for her take but not bringing in the race and that’s not really wrong. As at the end of the day it’s just her opinion and viewpoint for the situation she’s able to understand as even her name was dragged into it. And, we should also not forget that we are still not aware about the complete details of the unfortunate incident and the one thing we know is Ime Udoka is surely at fault.

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