“Entire organization is one giant, miserable s**t show” – Al Horford’s sister backs James Harden, THRASHES Philadelphia

Al Horford's sister, a notable figure, voices criticism against the dysfunction within the 76ers following the conclusion of trade negotiations for James Harden.

“Entire organization is one giant, miserable s**t show” – Al Horford’s sister backs James Harden, THRASHES Philadelphia

James Harden (L- Getty Images), Al Horford and his sister (R- Instagram)

GM Daryl Morey‘s announcement quashed James Hardens hopes of leaving the Philadelphia 76ers. The team has halted trade talks with the Los Angeles Clippers and intends to bring Harden back. He had chosen to activate his player option, which enabled a potential trade to the Clippers; otherwise, he would have been compelled to sign a minimum contract with the Clippers, while also leaving the 76ers without any acquired assets in return.


Harden did not welcome the 76ers’ organizational decision and conveyed his intention to avoid affiliations with any organization involving Morey. Previously, he had declared his refusal to rejoin the training camp and vowed to create such an uncomfortable environment for the 76ers that they would have no choice but to trade him. Harden’s statement places the 76ers in a situation similar to the one they experienced with Ben Simmons. This time, however, the 76ers hold a significant advantage; they could implement a regulation preventing Harden from engaging in professional play with any team in the future.

At this juncture, numerous players and fans are aligning themselves with Harden, criticizing Morey and the 76ers for their strategies. Recently, the sister of Boston Celtics star Al Horford, Anna Horford voiced her discontent on Twitter. She quoted Harden’s remarks from a boot camp in China and commented, “It’s almost as like the entire organization is one giant, miserable s**t show.” She pointed out the dysfunctionality within the 76ers.

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James Harden plans to make the 76ers uncomfortable so that they trade him

76ers deny Harden trade request
James Harden (via ESPN)

James Harden has a history of exerting influence over organizations when seeking trades to different teams. He demonstrated this by arriving at training camp in 2020 for the Houston Rockets in an unfit condition and displaying minimal effort on the court when he desired a move from the Brooklyn Nets. He openly expresses his displeasure when he finds himself on a team he dislikes.

Regarding his trade situation with the Philadelphia 76ers, the organization’s failure to trade him to the Clippers as previously promised has prompted Harden to take action to make the situation uncomfortable for Philadelphia, forcing them to trade him. ESPN’s senior writer Ramona Shelburne reports that Harden is only at the beginning of his efforts and intends to create discomfort within the organization. Ramona wrote, “Somebody said to me yesterday, ‘This is only the beginning. This is just the beginning of what James Harden is going to do to make life very uncomfortable for the Philadelphia 76ers going into training camp.’”

It remains intriguing to observe whether Harden will once again succeed in engineering a trade to his preferred destination or if he will potentially become the first player ever to be blocked from signing with any other professional basketball team in the future, potentially leading to the end of his basketball career as we currently recognize it.

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