Anthony Davis injury update: Lakers’ All-star’s availability in QUESTION, NBA insider states ‘concussion protocol’ concerns

Brian Windhorst updates the basketball world about Anthony Davis' status.

Anthony Davis injury update: Lakers’ All-star’s availability in QUESTION, NBA insider states ‘concussion protocol’ concerns

Anthony Davis and Draymond Green (Credits: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

Anthony Davis has been on a complete rollercoaster ride this post-season so far. As he is yet to deliver two straight good games and lead his team to a dub. He also hasn’t been able to break through lately and get the job done with LeBron James and the squad. And, now unfortunately, Anthony Davis is injured and his availability for Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors is in question.

As during the Lakers’ Game 5 loss against the Warriors at 106-121, they didn’t just miss the golden opportunity of ending the Dubs’ season in San Francisco. But also lost Anthony Davis to an injury during the final seven minutes. He went back to the locker room in a wheelchair. As Kevon Looney while trying to get a rebound landed a solid elbow on the side of Anthony Davis’ head. And, after that moment AD never returned to play and now his availability for Game 6 is in question.

According to Brian Windhorst, if Anthony Davis enters into concussion protocols then there are real chances of him missing Game 6 and 7 against the Golden State Warriors. As Brian Windhorst sitting alongside Vince Carter and others on ESPN’s “Get Up” quoted: “This is not to take anything away from the game the Warriors played last night because they played terrific, but Anthony Davis and whether he can avoid the concussion protocol is the most important thing going on in the NBA right now. And it’s not something that would have been decided last night. He will continue to be evaluated today to see if he develops symptoms.”

Further, Brian Windhorst added: “I will tell you that having covered situations like that for the past 15 years, every concussion situation is different. None are the same. You cannot make assumptions. The other thing is this: It’s not necessarily the way he feels. There’s a series of tests they put him through that they can pair him to tests that he had when he was not concussed, to see how he’s reacting. If he has to go into concussion protocol, it is not a matter of how he’s feeling, or whether he can play through things.”

Windy shocking the Lakers Nation also mentioned how Anthony Davis can miss both remaining games. As he quoted: “There is a predetermined list of return-to-play guidelines that take time. If he goes into protocol today, Game 6, almost 100 percent he will not be able to play, no matter what. Not up to him, not up to anything, and even Game 7, because of the return-to-play protocols, I would say, in my experience, very unlikely if he enters concussion protocol.”

Anthony Davis in Game 5 contributed with 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists. If he’s out the chances for the Lakers to get the dub and have an easy road are also done. As he’s the most important piece in their system.

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Darvin Ham on Anthony Davis’ status

Anthony Davis (Credits: Archysports)
Anthony Davis (Credits: Archysports)

After the Game 5 loss, Darvin Ham during his media presser sent out a statement on Anthony Davis’ status. And, fortunately, it’s positive about the big guy’s health. As he quoted: “Obviously, everyone saw he took a shot to the head, but we just checked on him. He seems to be doing really good already. That’s just where he’s at. That’s the status of it right now.”

The Los Angeles Lakers will be sending out the injury report in some hours. And, then the actual status of Anthony Davis would be revealed. Until then the Lakers Nation can pray to the basketball gods for blessing AD.

If he enters the concussion protocols the Lakers will lose their strongest pieces and their system will fall apart against the Warriors who are all in and have nothing to lose.

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