“Everybody’s Quick to Murder AD” – Austin Reaves Suggests Anthony Davis Critics Don’t Understand Basketball

Reaves defends Davis, citing haters' basketball ignorance about his impact.

“Everybody’s Quick to Murder AD” – Austin Reaves Suggests Anthony Davis Critics Don’t Understand Basketball

Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves (via Associated Press)

In the world of professional basketball, few players stir up as much debate as Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s a rare player with a unique mix of size, skill, and agility. However, lately, some people have criticized his performance, creating a split opinion among fans and analysts.


The talk revolves around Davis’s inconsistent play, especially when sharing the court with LeBron James. Critics mainly focus on his scoring and physical presence, sometimes overlooking his overall contribution to the team. This debate heats up, questioning whether Davis is truly a key factor in the Lakers’ success or if his impact is less consistent than desired.

Austin Reaves, a teammate of Davis, recently came to his defense with a poignant statement:

Everybody’s quick to murder AD [Anthony Davis] when he has an off night… He’s affecting the game more than what the average human is picking up on.

Austin Reaves hints that Davis’s presence on the court often draws the attention of the opposing team’s defense, creating opportunities for his teammates. This aspect of his game, while not directly quantifiable, is vital for the Los Angeles Lakers’ offensive fluidity. His versatility as a big man who can shoot, pass, and dribble adds a layer of complexity to the Lakers’ offensive schemes.


Fans may be forgetting Anthony Davis’ stellar performances in the Lakers’ 2020 Championship run too soon

Anthony Davis’s role in the Los Angeles Lakers’ triumphant 2020 NBA championship run was nothing short of spectacular. He led the league in total points (582) while showcasing his defensive mastery and leading his team in offensive rating and win shares. His remarkable game 5 performance against the Portland Trail Blazers put the Lakers in the second round. Davis led the game in points scored (43) while going 14-18 from the field and scoring 11 points in only the fourth quarter.

Lebron James and Anthony Davis celebrating their 2020 NBA championship
Anthony Davis has averaged 25.0 points, 10.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 6 games in the NBA Finals in his career. (AP)

He continued to shine in the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets. His performance in Game 2 was another masterclass, with a 22-point second half that kept the Lakers in the game and led to a crucial win, highlighted by his game-winning three-pointer in the final seconds.

Yet again Davis secured the NBA Finals game two victory against the Miami Heat with a historic performance. Scoring 32 points (15-20 FG) and grabbing 14 boards that night, Anthony Davis joined an elite group of players to score at least 30 points in their first two NBA Finals games. These performances by Anthony Davis not only highlight his individual brilliance but also underscore his crucial role in the Lakers. His ability to dominate both ends of the court was and will always be a key factor in the Lakers’ success.

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