Doc Rivers admits being shocked by Bucks’ decision to fire Adrian Griffin

With the NBA world, Doc Rivers was also shocked when the Bucks offered him to be their new head coach.

Doc Rivers admits being shocked by Bucks’ decision to fire Adrian Griffin

Doc Rivers was surprised by the Bucks' decision to fire Adrian Griffin (Image via USA Today Sports)

Everyone from the NBA world was surprised when the Milwaukee Bucks fired their head coach Adrian Griffin. The news came in the middle of the season when the team was showing great performance. Being the second seed in the Eastern Conference, it is unexpected for the team to take such an action.

After firing Griffin, the Bucks hired Doc Rivers as the new head coach. But it seems as if the decision did not turn out to be good for the team. Bucks are 3-7 since Rivers joined, the team has also dropped at the third seed now. NBA fans, and analysts all are questioning the impact of Rivers on the team.

While there is a lot of controversy around this topic, Rivers recently appeared as a guest on SiriusXM NBA radio interview. The HC revealed his thoughts when the Bucks owners fired Griffin and offered the job to Rivers. He was baffled by the decision and asked them:

I don't understand why you're doing this.
Doc Rivers said

The owners responded that the decision was already made and the reason is now unimportant. And they wanted Rivers to take the position. The decision was difficult for the coach and he also felt hesitant to accept the offer.

Doc Rivers will give his All-Star ring and bonus to Adrian Griffin

The Bucks hired Doc Rivers as the head coach shortly after the All-Star weekend was approaching. As the team had the best record in the East at the time, Rivers became eligible and was hired as the HC of Team East for the All-Star game.

Doc Rivers was selected as the head coach for Team East (via Getty Images)

As Griffin was the coach while the team had this record, Rivers decided to give his All-Star ring and bonus to him. Rivers revealed that he and Griffin are good friends and want him to do well. He also said that they both communicate a lot and also had a conversation on the night Griffin was fired.

Despite Buck’s poor defense, Griffin was the reason for the team’s record and Rivers’ eligibility for All-Star coaching position. On Sunday, Team East ended up winning the game making Rivers the winning coach.

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