“Quit lying through you’re teeth” Ben Simmons gets called out by fellow NBA player after explaining rift with Sixers

Austin Rivers lashes back at Ben Simmons for dragging his father's name through the dirt over Sixers controversy

Ben Simmons has to deal with a lot of pressure with his current status. The former All-Star has not appeared in a competitive basketball game in over a year with his last one being during he 2021 NBA playoffs. Since then, his name has not particularly been in everybody’s good books.

Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons

Recently, the Brooklyn Nets point guard made one of his first appearances since the off-season had begun on the Old Man and the Three podcast featuring his former teammate JJ Reddick. Ben got candid on his current teammates, the internet dragging his name through the dirt and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Ben Simmons got to issue that went viral which was the practice session gone wrong. He told Reddick that he was forced to practice by Head Coach Doc Rivers. Coach’s son Austin Rivers clapped back saying,“Bro you actually believe this dude? If y’all only knew.”

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Ben Simmons reveals the TRUTH on rift with Sixers

Doc Rivers and Ben Simmons
Doc Rivers and Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons finally sat through an entire conversation about the controversial issues that surfaced last season. Although he has not revealed why his mental state of mind was not perfect, he did admit having a very tough situation and basketball was just not the right thing to do for him.

He spoke about the viral practice incident saying,“I just was not in that place to play. I wasn’t, I couldn’t do it. Getting kicked out of practice that day, I actually spoke to Doc before practice and I was like, ‘Doc, I’m not ready. Mentally I’m not ready, please just understand that.’ I tried to let him know prior.”

“He was like, ‘I’m gonna put you in anyway.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.’ Told me to get in, I looked at him like it was one minute into practice, and he’s like, ‘Ben get in.’ I’m like, first of all no one’s doing that. You’re doing this on purpose and that’s how I felt, too. It was like, ‘So it seems like everyone’s trying to f*** with me now.'”

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