“It was 6 or 7 in the morning!” Billionaire Mark Cuban reveals HILARIOUS Charles Barkley drinking story on first time meeting

Discover the legendary and funny meeting between billionaire Mark Cuban and Charles Barkley during an all-star game.

“It was 6 or 7 in the morning!” Billionaire Mark Cuban reveals HILARIOUS Charles Barkley drinking story on first time meeting

Charles Barkley and Cuban Party (Image Credits - YouTube/ National Today)

Billionaire Mark Cuban‘s meeting with Charles Barkley proved that unexpected meetings in the worlds of sports and business can lead to legendary stories. According to Cuban, this meeting took place during the all-star game in Atlanta and left behind a funny story that will continue to be part of their historical background.

Mark Cuban introduces the narrative, depicting an all-star game in Atlanta where sports lovers and stars congregated for an entertaining night. During the festivities, Cuban received news that Charles Barkley wished to meet him. He never knew that he was making such an introductory gesture which later turned into a funny friendship.


The fact that Barkley wanted to get in touch with Cuban made him even more excited. However, as is often typical with tales, things soon went all wrong and the duo would never forget their hilarious exploits. By dusk, it found Cuban in the Barkley’s lobby – the scene of such an odd encounter that turned out to be far beyond usual. Cuban stated:

It was a long a** night and so it was 6 or 7 in the morning.

It is usually the hour when people are done partying for the night. However, it was only just beginning for Cuban and Barkley.

Barkley made a memorable informal gathering for this morning’s meeting. He had a funny twist though, when he was showing people their hotel rooms, he would be retrieving the bottles from the mini bar from their rooms. When they started searching spur-of-the-moment for little sips in this small car, no one could have imagined that such a search would later turn out to be a reason and impulse for an unforgettable time spent together.


Unravelling the comedic tapestry of Mark Cuban and Charles Barkley’s unexpected encounter

When Cuban says “bam bam,” it leads to a comic series of events whose unpredictability makes them interesting to listen to. “Bam bam” summarizes that magical night when the expectation was subverted even the “shh-ing” sounds of small bottles and laughing in the hotel foyer.

Cuban and Barkley
Cuban and Barkley (Image credits – US Weekly)

The lighter side of friendliness between Mark Cuban and Charles Barkley is evident in Cuban’s account of his first meeting with the NBA star. The innocent antics offer a good glimpse into the characters of successful business persons and athletes, who often face weighty consequences for small mistakes in their line of work.

The saying “It was 6 or 7 in the morning!” goes beyond being just about times when the former NBA star, Charles Barkley, and billionaire Mark Cuban reminisce about that particular night in Atlanta. It reflects the unique bond created between these two sportsmen at dawn sharing jokes, beer, and company, this relationship reached beyond the boundaries delineating separate professional fields.


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