Bob Myers admits Warriors never found the person who leaked Draymond Green – Jordan Poole fight tape

Jordan Poole was traded to the Washington Wizards after getting punched by Draymond Green during practice.

Bob Myers admits Warriors never found the person who leaked Draymond Green – Jordan Poole fight tape

Bob Myers revealed the Golden State Warriors never found the person who leaked Draymond Green Jordan Poole fight video

There are several teams that have broken up after winning championships for a variety of reasons. While most are basketball or contract-related, seldom does a controversy or a clash of egos be the reason. 

With the Golden State Warriors, it was the latter that caused their 2022 championship-winning core to be broken up. Former GM Bob Myers revealed that, to this day, they have not found out who leaked the Draymond Green and Jordan Poole fight.

Myers left the Golden State Warriors after last season and has since been working as an analyst and a public speaker. On yesterday’s episode of The Old Man and the Three, host JJ Reddick asked the former GM about the Draymond Green Jordan Poole incident and the crisis management surrounding it. 

Did you ever find out who leaked the tape?
JJ Reddick asked
No.... I think the best I can answer that it, we couldn't pinpoint anybody. We looked. We tried, a third party, we couldn’t.
To this Bob Myers replied

It seems that the Golden State Warriors tried to find and stop the source from leaking the video. But as of today, it is all too late.

The problem with finding the person who taped the incident was that the video was released by TMZ. The media company is vehement about keeping their sources confidential. It is to be noted that an organization such as the Warriors has considerable resources at its disposal. 

However, interestingly enough, they still could not figure out which employee leaked the video. But even if they did find the person, it would still be late, as the entire basketball world knew something was brewing.

The Golden State Warriors have struggled since the Draymond Green Jordan Poole fight

Jordan Poole‘s ascension to be one of the most important cogs of their championship wheel was storybook-like. The guard was not deemed good enough to be a starter before the draft but still developed to be one of their clutch game closers. In fact, after winning the championship, the Warriors were deemed good enough to repeat.

However, the fight changed it all. After all, it was a clash of egos between the newcomer and the team’s de facto leader. Since then, the Warriors have been bumped out in the 2nd round and are fighting to stay in the final play-in spot this year.

Now Poole plays for the Washington Wizards, which was the only solution to fixing the problem. As Draymond Green said, it was difficult to go to work after the incident.

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