Bobby Knight cause of death: How did the legendary coach die?

Legendary basketball coach Bob Knight has passed away at the age of 83.

Bobby Knight cause of death: How did the legendary coach die?

Bobby Knight (Credits: ESPN)

Bobby Knight, the 83-year-old basketball coach of Indiana University, has passed away. Knight had been battling dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and declining health in recent years. Known for his passionate coaching style, which some referred to as “tantrums,” he was a fiery presence on the court, often creating intense moments during games. His family provided details about his final moments and confirmed his passing, announcing with a heavy heart that Coach Knight died in his home.


Instead of sending flowers, Knight’s family has requested that supporters make contributions to either Marian University or the Alzheimer’s Association in his memory. In the past few years, the renowned basketball coach faced various health challenges. His 83rd birthday was celebrated just a week ago, on October 25th. After battling dementia for several years, he was hospitalized for pneumonia, which tragically led to his passing. His family has chosen to keep the specific details of his cause of death private.

After his death, Indiana University released a message which stated:

As we collectively mourn the passing of Coach Knight, we also celebrate a man who will always be an integral part of Indiana University's rich and vibrant story. With unmatched accomplishment, Coach Knight's brilliance ensures he will forever rest among the giants of college basketball

It is undeniable that Bobby Knight will forever be remembered as not just a prominent coach but also as one of the titans in the history of college basketball.


The statement from Texas Tech Athletics on ESPN read:

Coach Knight will be remembered as one of the great coaches not just in Texas Tech history but throughout college basketball.

Bobby Knight: A coaching legacy riddled with controversies and triumphs

Bobby Knight’s coaching journey began at the US Military Academy in West Point, where he initiated a remarkable career. He went on to make history with the Indiana Hoosiers by achieving the “tri-crown” in 1976, 1981, and 1987, solidifying his status as a legendary figure in college basketball. During his 29-year tenure at Indiana, Knight set a school record by coaching 661 games in his career and led his team to the NCAA tournament an impressive 24 times out of 29 seasons.

Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Hailing from Ohio, Bobby Knight’s coaching career spanned 69 seasons, during which he achieved an impressive career record of 902 wins and 371 losses. Notably, he secured 20 or more wins in 29 seasons. In addition to his collegiate coaching success, Knight also led the U.S. Olympic team to victory in Los Angeles in 1984, adding another significant milestone to his illustrious career.

Knight’s exceptional coaching wins were often overshadowed by his controversial and sometimes volatile behavior. In 2000, he faced a significant setback when he was fired due to a pattern of unacceptable conduct, which included his involvement in an on-campus incident with an Indiana student. This incident and other instances of his outbursts led to the end of his tenure at Indiana University.4


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