Chandler Parsons DENOUNCES Bradley Beal, Suns deal as “the worst trade ever”

Analyzing the trade: Could other teams have outbid the Suns for Bradley Beal?

Chandler Parsons DENOUNCES Bradley Beal, Suns deal as “the worst trade ever”

Chandler Parsons DENOUNCES Bradley Beal

Involving star shooting guard Bradley Beal, there was a recent trade between the Washington Wizards and the Phoenix Suns. Basketball pundits and fans alike have heavily criticized it. Joining the chorus of disapproval is former NBA player Chandler Parsons, who openly scoffs at the Wizards’ decision.

In exchange for Beal, the Wizards acquired Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, multiple second-round picks, and additional pick swaps. However, this trade has been widely regarded as a lopsided affair, heavily favoring the Suns. Parsons, like many others, see it as a blatant case of highway robbery, leaving the Wizards with a collection of assets that other teams could have easily surpassed.


With Beal now joining forces with the Phoenix Suns’ formidable trio of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, the NBA is bracing for a new powerhouse. These three dominant offensive teams will undoubtedly be a significant menace to the rest of the league, beginning in the 2023–24 season. Given the opportunity to acquire a prime shooting guard, the Suns were quick to part ways with a declining Chris Paul, a backup guard in Shamet, and some draft picks.

“You mean to tell me this is the best you can get for Bradley Beal when Rudy Gobert just got 5 first-round picks?… This could arguably be the worst trade I’ve ever seen,” Parsons said.

For them, it was an easy decision, as Beal’s addition extends their championship window. The Washington Wizards now find themselves at a crossroads, unable to turn back. The trade has given them less than satisfactory results considering the caliber of the player, Beal. The Suns have enhanced their likelihood of challenging for an NBA championship.


Strong Trade Packages: Three teams with more enticing offers than the Suns for Bradley Beal

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Bradley Beal (credits – USA Today)

In the recent trade involving Bradley Beal, the Phoenix Suns emerged as the destination for the All-Star guard. However, there were several teams that could have potentially put forth more enticing offers for Beal. Let’s take a closer look at three teams that had stronger trade packages than the Suns. One team that could have made a compelling offer for Beal was the Portland Trail Blazers.

With a desire to find a reliable sidekick for Damian Lillard, the Blazers possessed the assets to construct an appealing package. They had valuable draft capital, including two first-round picks in the upcoming draft, which could have been packaged alongside promising talents like Anfernee Simons or Shaedon Sharpe. A trio of Lillard, Beal, and Jerami Grant would have provided a formidable lineup and a better fit from a play-style perspective.

The Miami Heat also emerged as a potential destination for Beal. Having had a great playoff run, the Heat were enthusiastic about strengthening their lineup and competing for another NBA title.


Their reported offer of Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, and multiple first-round picks showcased their willingness to make a significant trade. While Lowry’s production dipped, his expiring contract and lower salary made the offer financially favorable.

The Knicks from New York, renowned for their youthful talent and draft assets, were also involved in the pursuit of Bradley Beal. With players like RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, and Quentin Grimes, the Knicks had young players with high upsides.

Additionally, they possess an impressive collection of seven first-round picks through 2026. New York could have potentially constructed a package featuring Toppin, Grimes, or even Immanuel Quickley, along with multiple first-round picks.


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