“There’ll be MAYHEM” Brittney Griner could become a ‘wedge bait’ for Russian President Vladimir Putin

“There’ll be MAYHEM” Brittney Griner could become a ‘wedge bait’ for Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, Brittney Griner

The athletic community has been eagerly awaiting Brittney Griner‘s return to the country while she is confined in Russia. Now, startling information regarding Griner’s detention has been disclosed by a former Trump administration official, who also claims that Griner is a “valuable asset” to Vladimir Putin.


The decision of Brittney Griner to return to her nation is currently the topic of discussion in a number of news platforms. The subject of much controversy has been imprisoned in Russia for more than 220 days, where life is dreadful. A nine-year prison term is sentenced for Griner, a two-time Olympic medalist who is accused of bringing marijuana-infused vape cartridges into the nation. Since February, she has been incarcerated in Russia. The matter has been discussed by people from all over the world at every chance, and now Fiona Hill, the official who served as Donald Trump’s deputy, offers her perspective on the situation.

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Does Brittney Griner deserve to be imprisoned?

Russian authorities have been holding Brittney Griner since her arrest in February at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The two-time WNBA defensive player of the year and seven-time all-star was caught with vape cartridges containing cannabis oil by Russian Customs. Griner received a nine-year jail sentence in August after being convicted guilty of drug offences in Russia. The legal team representing Griner submitted an appeal against her nine-year sentence in August. Despite the likelihood that Griner might have received up to 10 years in prison, they claim that her sentence is still “excessive.” According to the defense lawyers, in similar cases around Russia, other convicted criminals were given a smaller term, and some of them even earned parole.


On August 11, Russian officials revealed that they and the American government were in talks about a possible prisoner swap, which may have given Brittney Griner the chance to visit her family for the first time since her imprisonment. The Biden administration believes that she is being held in breach of the law because Viktor Bout, a well-known Russian arms dealer who was given a 25-year sentence in 2011, has reportedly been mentioned in connection with a prospective prisoner swap. Griner, 31, is a player with the Phoenix Mercury and has won two Olympic gold medals. She has also participated in UMMC Ekaterinburg’s WNBA offseason matches in Russia since 2014.

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Griner’s arrest is a ‘trap’ set by Putin, says a former White House official

The WNBA star is a “wedge issue” and should be handled, according to Fiona Hill, a representative of Donald Trump at the White House. She also discussed Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and how he is “creating havoc and mayhem.” Hill discussed the matter in depth and said: “What I and others fear is that the more she can become a wedge issue, the more Biden and the White House gets castigated, the more valuable she becomes for them to keep.“ Hill is not the only person to discuss the case’s political component, and many who shared their thoughts thought that it was a tragic scenario with lots of politics involved.

Although Brittney Griner’s situation is still unknown, people close to her are concerned that the longer she is detained, the more probable it is that the psychological trauma she has spent her whole life concealing would resurface. The Griner case was handed over by the Biden administration in May to the Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, a State Department division tasked with negotiating the release of Americans who are being held hostage and other individuals who are thought to be unlawfully imprisoned abroad. Other Americans besides Brittney Griner are reportedly involved in a prospective trade. The agreement includes Paul Whelan, a former spy who was found guilty of espionage.


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