“I don’t believe he’s built for college!” Bronny James move to NBA draft 2024 gets cosign of ex-champion

Kendrick Perkins approves of Bronny James' move to declare for the draft.

“I don’t believe he’s built for college!” Bronny James move to NBA draft 2024 gets cosign of ex-champion

Bronny James and Kendrick Perkins

Bronny James, the USC Trojans freshman and eldest son of LeBron James, broke the internet yesterday with his 2024 NBA Draft declaration. However, in doing so, he got the blessings of his dad’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins, who loved the thought of Bronny in the NBA. 


Kendrick Perkins made this known while appearing recently on “First Take.” He firmly believed Bronny would thrive in the NBA due to his high IQ, athleticism, and good defensive acumen. 

This is the right move... I always said that I don't believe Bronny is built for college. I think he will be a hell of a pro. I'm not saying he will be his dad, I'm not saying that he's going to be an All-Star-caliber career as far as a pro, but he will have a great pro career, and when you think about in the new day, he's been around pros all his life.
Kendrick Perkins via First Take

Bronny’s decision to pursue a career in the NBA after one college basketball season has sparked mixed emotions, especially on social media. However, Bronny’s performance with the Trojans hasn’t shown his readiness for the NBA, as there are speculations that his struggles could be linked to the cardiac arrest he suffered last year. 

Furthermore, he averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 19.4 minutes per game while shooting 36.6% from the field. But that doesn’t always tell the story, as with the proper guidance and coaching, he could become elite, maybe just not like his dad. 


USC’s new coach shares his thoughts on Bronny’s declaration

Bronny James finally decided to declare for the 2024 NBA draft. However, his new coach at the USC Trojans, Eric Musselman, was asked about his plans to connect with him, as reported by Ryan Young of TrojanSports.com.

The veteran coach extended his best wishes while stating that he still has an opportunity to return to the USC Trojans. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he has the right to explore all options and come up with the best decision that suits him and his future. 

The signing of Musselman was to inject new energy into the USC Trojans after a dull college season. And while their new coach has displayed solidarity and support, the USC plans to build with or without him.

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