“She has an adult body as 18-year-old!” Caitlin Clark is ‘lunch meat’ for JuJu Watkins, say Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas

Caitlin Clark and JuJu Watkins have both had impressive season for their respective teams.

“She has an adult body as 18-year-old!” Caitlin Clark is ‘lunch meat’ for JuJu Watkins, say Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas

JuJu Watkins and Caitlin Clark

Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas, during an episode of Nightcap, shared their respective views on the upcoming stars of the WNBA.


Their conversation, which has been trending, centered around women’s college basketball sensations Caitlin Clark and JuJu Watkins, and Agent Zero had a contrary opinion of Clark.

Caitlin Clark has been exceptional this season for the Iowa Hawkeyes, creating and breaking numerous records and even getting tempted by an offer to play ten games for $5 million. Then there’s JuJu Watkins, a freshman for the USC Trojans who has instantly become the superstar face of the team and a large fanbase in the NCAAW.

During their conversation, Arenas pitched his tent with team Juju over team Clark for who was a better athlete, saying the Indiana Fever of the WNBA would regret it if they were to pick Clark over Watkins. Shannon Sharpe then took his co-host’s side, where he said the Trojans’ physical trait gave her an edge.

You look at the way she's built, and you look at the way Caitlin Clark is built... She has an adult body, as a what, 18-year-old.
Shannon Sharpe said

Arenas went further to talk about a potential 1v1 scenario between Clark and Watkins and how the former’s teammates would have to set screens if Watkins decided to guard her; meanwhile, if Clark were to guard Watkins, it would be a situation he called “lunch meat.

She’s super athletic. She will pick her up full court. They're gonna have to set a whole of screens to get JuJu off her. And if she ever tried to guard JuJu, it's lunch meat.
Gilbert Arenas added

Arenas and Sharpe both feel that Clark doesn’t stand a chance due to her lack of physicality. However, knowing Clark and the limitations she’s had to overcome in her career, don’t be too hasty to count her out.

Ex-WNBA star picks JuJu Watkins over Caitlin Clark

Shannon Sharpe and ex-WNBA star Rebecca Lobo discussed recent developments in the 2024 NCAA Women’s Tournament during an interview titled, ‘SPOTLIGHT on Caitlin Clark, Paige Bueckers, and JuJu Watkins in the Women’s Tournament on ESPN’s First Take.

Lobo argued in favor of Watkins over Clark when she discussed ‘JuJu Watkins’s impressive season’ for the USC Trojans.

She’s a different offensive force than Caitlin Clark. She’s not taking the logo 3es, but she is coming down using her handle. She can get to any spot on the floor; she’s unbelievable at drawing contact and getting to the free throw line. 
Rebecca Lobo said

While echoing Shannon Sharpe’s and Gilbert Arenas’s sentiments, Lobo agreed that Watkins is a better offensive threat than the Hawkeyes star. However, both players are unique in their way, and their contributions to the world of women’s basketball this season deserve more recognition.

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