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“She got hit in the back of the head and then beer was spilled on her” Cameron Johnson reveals the horrible experience his girlfriend had to endure during 2021 NBA Finals

Camero Johnson reveals the horrifying experience of his girlfriend during the 2021 NBA Finals.

Fans are an integral part of every sport. They are the spirit of the game and define the sport. Their energy rises the home team to a championship level team and even manages to break the opposite-elite-team’s morale. But sometimes these fans go a too far. Throughout the NBA playoffs, there have been a handful of incidents involving fan behavior. One such incident is revealed by Phoenix Suns’ Cameron Johnson.

Cameron Johnson and PJ Tucker

That reached an extreme level Sunday in the during the Phoenix Suns squaring off against the Dallas Mavericks. As the game ensued, a fan was removed from his seat. Later a video too emerged that showed Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul being angry at that fan. Reports came out that the person had attacked members of Chris Paul’s family. The All-Star guard, justifiably so, did not hide his feelings, as he spoke with rage as the fan was escorted out of the arena by security.

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Fans are taking a step too far, latest revealed by Suns’ Cameron Johnson

This, apparently, is not the first time the Phoenix Suns have had disappointments regarding fans in an away arena. Following the incident with Chris Paul’s family, Suns sixth man Cameron Johnson opened up about a similar incident he went through last year during the Finals.

While the Phoenix Suns were in Milwaukee facing the Bucks in the NBA Finals, Johnson’s girlfriend was the victim of misbehaviour from the home fans. Johnson revealed, “She got hit in the back of the head and then beer was spilled on her.”

Cameron Johnson mentioned that he did not find out about the incident until after the game. As she was just a bystander supporting him, it really upset the Cam Johnson that she had to endure such a thing. He said, “It’s frustrating… It’s so wrong on so many levels. It’s just harassment.”

Cameron Johnson and PJ Tucker

Both of these instances are shameful and tragic as no player’s family should have to worry about being abused or misbehaved with when they are in the arena to watch their loved ones at work and put up a show for the fans.

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