Carmelo Anthony and George Karl: Know everything about NBA superstar and Ex- coach’s beef

George Karl coached Carmelo Anthony for six years before Anthony requested a trade to leave the Denver Nuggets.

Carmelo Anthony and George Karl: Know everything about NBA superstar and Ex- coach’s beef

Carmelo Anthony revealed that his former coach George Karl called him overrated in their first meeting (Image via YouTube/SLAM/X)

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most successful players in NBA history. The former superstar started his professional career with the Denver Nuggets. He played seven and a half seasons with them as their primary offensive weapon. But his former Nuggets head coach, George Karl did not rate him highly. This newfound information was revealed by Anthony recently.

Carmelo Anthony was speaking on his podcast 7 PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony & Kid Mero. Anthony talks about his first encounter with coach Karl.

Anthony says that during a shootaround Karl told him;

Hey man, I think you are overrated! You gotta lot of work to do.

According to Anthony, George Karl started the narrative that he was not good enough. Anthony added that Karl referenced him to be in a similar role as Detlef Schrempf. Schrempf was a part of the Seattle SuperSonics team that Karl coached during multiple playoff seasons.

Anthony goes on to say that he and Coach Karl did not speak much after that. They did not have many conversations other than the coaching Karl provided to the whole team. Till the time Anthony departed the Nuggets, they did not talk much.

Anthony also says that when he broke the news to his teammates Kenyon Martin Sr. and JR Smith, they broke out laughing. They could not believe that Coach Karl had compared Anthony with Schrempf. The disrespect from Coach Karl was evident to his teammates.

What is George Karl’s take on this revelation by Carmelo Anthony

Once the clipping of this podcast was shared on Twitter, George Karl himself responded to the allegations. He said:

Hey, Carmelo Anthony let’s not do this. You’re telling stories that are 20 years old. Let’s move fwd. And u were overrated and u wish your game was as efficient as Detlef's.

Coach Karl maintained his stance through another post where he said that Anthony was an inexperienced and overrated player. In comparison, Detlef Schrempf was one of the best international players with incredible efficiency. Something Karl appreciated compared to the all-out scoring style of Anthony.

Anthony responded to this reply from Coach Karl with a series of laughing emojis. It indicated that Anthony was still unsure about why Karl would continue to compare him with Schrempf.

This brought out another reply from George Karl in which he asked Anthony what he meant by the laughing emojis. It seems Coach Karl is holding on to his belief that Anthony was overrated in his books. Maybe if George Karl had not seen Anthony differently, Anthony would have never left the Nuggets.

Why did George Karl not appreciate Carmelo Anthony?

For almost seven years Carmelo Anthony was coached by George Karl. But Karl held the narrative that Anthony should not focus on his own scoring, but rather focus on the team getting better together. Anthony delved deeper to figure out why Coach Karl did not appreciate him or his talents.

George Karl coached Carmelo Anthony for almost 6seasons before Anthony requested a trade
George Karl coached Carmelo Anthony for almost 6seasons before Anthony requested a trade (Image via NBA/X)

During a certain conversation, Coach Karl revealed to Anthony that he was teammates with George Gervin. During their time together Karl never liked Gervin as he was the superstar on their team and he would not pass the ball to Karl, who was a role player. This brought the scenario to light that Karl had a problem with superstars.

Carmelo Anthony was a superstar from his first day as a member of the Denver Nuggets. During that time, they did not win any silverware. Moreover, Karl could have finished his Hall of Fame coaching career with a piece of silverware to show.

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