“You just big and ugly” – Charles Barkley DESTROYS Shaquille O’Neal, claims former Lakers star wasn’t a great shot blocker

Shaq and Chuck have a hilarious argument over shot blocking on NBA on TNT

“You just big and ugly” – Charles Barkley DESTROYS Shaquille O’Neal, claims former Lakers star wasn’t a great shot blocker

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley

NBA on TNT is always a source of great entertainment, thanks to the chemistry and humor of the analysts. On Monday night, before the start of the playoff games, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley had a hilarious argument over shot-blocking.

The debate started when Barkley praised Jaren Jackson Jr. for winning the 2022-23 Kia Defensive Player Of The Year. He compared him to some of the best-shot blockers in NBA history, such as Alonzo Mourning, Mark Eaton, Dikembe Mutombo, and Hakeem Olajuwon. Barkley said that on offense, he was not afraid of his defender. But he was always wary of those shot blockers coming from behind or the weak side.

“As a good offensive player, I’m not even worried about the guy guarding me, I’m okay around him, I’m okay getting the shot I want, but when I’ll panic is when those guys I just mentioned Jaren Jackson reminds me of that. I know he’s coming to block my shot at some point,” Barkley said.

Shaq then sneakily raised his hand to indicate that he was also as good a defensive player as the names Barkley mentioned but was quickly dismissed.

You wasn’t a shot blocker,” Barkley said. Shaq replied, “Bro I’m in the top 10 (in blocked shots).” Barkley hilariously retorted, “You just big… and ugly.” The rest of the crew burst into laughter as Shaq looked stunned by Barkley’s insult.

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Shaq vs. Barkley: A long history of Feuds

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley (Via Cassius Life)

This was not the first time that Shaq and Barkley had a heated debate on NBA on TNT. The two have a long history of feuds that date back to their playing days when they had several physical altercations on the court.

One of the most memorable incidents happened in 1999 when Shaq played for the Los Angeles Lakers and Barkley for the Houston Rockets. The two got into a scuffle after Barkley threw a ball at Shaq’s head, resulting in both players being ejected.

The two eventually made up and became friends, but they still love to argue and roast each other on TV. Some of their most recent clashes include Shaq criticizing Barkley for not having any rings, Barkley mocking Shaq for being a bad free throw shooter, Shaq calling Barkley a “fat ass” and Barkley calling Shaq “Mr. Sensitive”.

Shaq and Barkley may not see eye to eye on many things, but they always make up and laugh it off at the end of the day. They are one of the best duos in sports broadcasting and make NBA on TNT a must-watch show for basketball fans.

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