“I will fire anyone who puts me in the $865 billion crypto-space!” Charles Barkley expressed his disgust for cryptocurrency investments

Cryptocurrency is a great way to make money, Not in Charles Barkley's opinion !

Charles Barkley is not interested in cryptocurrency
Charles Barkley is not interested in cryptocurrency
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Charles Barkley is a wise old-head, who doesn’t dare venture into the fickle world of cryptocurrency. Multiple Superstars in the NBA have set foot into these new areas of investment such as NFT’s, cryptocurrency, Metaverse and many more. However, Barkley believes that even though people are making fortunes from these ventures, they cannot be trusted. The former league MVP has consistently voiced his concern over the volatile nature of these digital currencies, maybe he just has a hard time understanding them as the market keeps changing.

Charles Barkley, the 11 time All-Star, is one of the most popular analysts on television. His time on ‘Inside The NBA’ has been riddled with hearty conversations and spicy debates, specially with ‘Big Shaq’. ‘Inside the NBA’ is one of the remarkable and relevant shows to follow if you’re a basketball and NBA fan. The super combo of Ernie JohnsonKenny Smith,  Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal makes the show a treat to watch. For most of the regular fans, the show is a must watch on the days it airs, as ‘Big Chuck’ provides the entertainment your day needs.

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My people don’t believe in it” – Charles Barkley is advised by his consultants to stay as far as possible from cryptocurrency

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

Sports personalities and celebrities usually want to try their luck in multiple areas of investment. While this may sound fun, it is a double edged sword as one could either gain or lose a ton of their hard earned money. With a current market-cap of $865 billion, and Bitcoin being the most popular form of crypto, NBA Stars like Kevin Durant and Lebron James have already delved into acquiring NFT’s and investing in cryptocurrency, but Charles Barkley is not one of them.

Cryptocurrency is a fairly new avenue into acquiring wealth in the realm of finance so putting all your chips into it isn’t exactly the wisest thing to do. Chuck understands this and made sure that him along with his financial advisors will ensure that he stays as far away from crypto, as possible, to the extent that if any of his consultants recommended him to invest in crypto, he should fire them immediately.

“My people don’t believe in crypto. I got a couple of financial guys. One of them said, ‘If I ever put you in crypto, you should fire me on the spot. And I listen. I know that crypto is all over the place; to be honest with you, my people don’t believe in it,” said Charles Barkley to CNBC ‘Make It’.

Barkley, now 58 years old, retired about 2 decades ago , after earning around 50 Million $ salary over the course of his 13-year NBA career also says the biggest money lesson he’s had over the years is, “learn to say, no.”

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

“Learn to say no, and don’t feel bad about it. The Alabama native says when you become famous and start making money, “people ask you for money every single day of your life. Every day.”

Cryptocurrency is becoming more prevalent in the NBA space with crypto-based partnerships, jersey patches, and arena names springing up left and right. But Barkley does not sound like he is ready yet to embrace our new blockchain overlord. Fact of the matter is, Don’t recommend Crypto to Charles Barkley !

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