“I’ve been kissed harder than that!” Charles Barkley gives hilarious comparison of his sex-life with the ‘hard fouls’ in Warriors vs Grizzlies series leaving NBA on TNT in splits

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Charles Barkley on Ja Morant
Charles Barkley on Ja Morant

‘The NBA has gone soft’, well it has gone way too soft for Charles Barkley’s liking! The Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors continue to trade blows on court, with warriors breezing past the Grizzlies in Game 3 with an emphatic 142-112 victory, with Ja Morant leaving the game injured. The series has been hardcore, intensely physical and full of trash talks and off court nuances. Charles Barkley seems to disagree, he believes basketball during his career was more physical and full of trading blows with the other team, literally.

‘The nasty plays’ in the Warriors – Grizzlies series of the Western Conference Semi-finals have been the talking point around the NBA. 3 ejections in 3-straight games and injuries to Gary Payton II in Game 2 and Ja Morant in Game 3 have everyone talking more about fouls rather than at the quality of basketball being displayed by both teams. With Morant trying to have a shot at Steve Kerr’s, ‘ Broke the Code’ comments and both sets of players not backing down, all this sets us up for more confrontation ahead.

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” Stever Kerr, Morant Give me a Break” – Charles Barkley

Dillon Brooks and Steve Kerr
Dillon Brooks and Steve Kerr

Charles Barkley, or as he is called ‘Chuck’, was aboard the TNT crew that was analyzing Game 3 between the Warriors and Grizzlies on Sunday Night. Grizzlies were blown away by the Warriors at Chase centre as they suffered a 30 point loss, after winning back game 2 with 5 points. However, the worst blow was yet to come as Ja Morant suffered a knee-injury during the 4th quarter, possibly taking him out of Game 4, maybe even longer than that

Chuck was infuriated by all these soft calls for flagrant fouls and injuries. It’s no secret that Barkley played in a very different era that the one that exists today. The play where Warriors power forward Draymond Green was ejected likely would have been a common foul in the 1980’s and 1990’s, a routine day at the NBA. Barkley seemed to have a point though, the amount of reviews has seemed excessive this postseason.

“Im getting sick of the NBA right now man, give me a break! Im sick of today’s players , everything aint no code man. Listen, Dillon Brooks, that was a Flagrant 2, but the notion he tried to hurt that kid, I’m not gonna live with that. Now, they’re trying to say, this is the code. Man, give me a break, man! Every call, ‘Let’s see if it’s a flagrant, let’s see if it’s a Flagrant 1, a Flagrant 2.’ Yo, man I’ve been kissed harder than that!” Chuck hilariously said.

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Charles Barkley

The Former NBA player said much to the amusement of the other panelists that he has been ‘kissed harder than that’, mocking the drop in physicality of the league since the 90’s. Playoff basketball is meant to be tough and tumble, which is why Barkley was virtually out of phrases at what he’s seeing from the match officials and the reactions by the players.

It’s a controversial stance but the former MVP has made up his mind. Tensions’ rise among both camps as Grizzlies and Warriors go to war again in Game 4 at the Chase centre and with the frustration building up, who knows when we might see an explosion in game. Its getting spicy and serious at the Bay !

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