“I was just offended!” Charles Barkley vows to PUNCH Black people wearing Donald Trump’s mugshot 

Charles Barkley believes Donald Trump cannot compare his plight with that of Black Americans who have been discriminated throughout history.

“I was just offended!” Charles Barkley vows to PUNCH Black people wearing Donald Trump’s mugshot 

Charles Barkley will punch Black Americans wearing former President Donald Trump's mugshot on their T-shirts

Charles Barkley‘s opinion of former President of the United States Donald Trump has not wavered. The most outspoken critic of Trump from the NBA community does not leave any stone unturned when expressing his feelings. Donald Trump’s recent revelation that Black Americans are wearing T-shirts with his mugshot has sent Barkley into a tizzy.

On Friday, Donald Trump addressed a gathering at a Black Conservative Federation. He said that Black people embraced his mugshot by wearing T-shirts sporting it.

Barkley, listening to the video with Gayle King on their show KingCharles, let out a big sigh and reacted by saying;

First of all, I'm just gonna say this. If I see a Black person walking around with Trump mugshot I'ma punch him in the face. I mean that sincerely. He's a billionaire, to insult black people who have been discriminated against all these years, to put them in the same category, I was just offended!

Barkley felt that Black people Trump was using these narratives to try and swing the Black votes in his favor. This is why Barkley mentioned that Black people should not endorse Trump’s antics by wearing his mugshot.

Charles Barkley felt Trump should not compare his plight with that of Black Americans. After all, he is a billionaire and was the President of the United States. Moreover, Trump has been doing the rounds of the American justice system as he has done wrong to the country.

Now, Trump is trying to make Black Americans feel that he is one of them. Trump is employing all tactics ahead of the Presidential elections coming in November this year.

Why Charles Barkley wants Black Americans to vote responsibly

Donald Trump knows that the Black community in the United States of America does not prefer him as a President. The Black community in America, along with those of other races has been instrumental in the voting swing between candidates. Hence, Trump and Republicans knowing this are trying to get the Black community on his side.

He launched a gold sneaker to try and tempt the Black population. Consequently, former Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams shut this attempt at luring Black votes. The sneakers were targeted at the basketball community, which is predominantly watched by Black Americans. This mugshot topic is the latest in line with Trump’s attempts at luring Black votes.

All Charles Barkley wants is the Black Americans to use their minds and avoid helping Trump‘s cause unknowingly. He knows Trump is trying to reach the Black community in any way possible. And this time he used a Mugshot as a comparison.

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