“If he joined the Lakers, he was a sure starter” Chris Broussard feels John Wall could have had a better role individually in LA Lakers

Read to know more about NBA analyst Chris Broussard's take on John Wall signing with the Clippers and his suggestion that he would have suited better with the Lakers.

Chris Broussard, John Wall
Chris Broussard, John Wall

John Wall, a veteran point guard, is reportedly preparing to join with the Los Angeles Clippers, according to a report from Monday. Wall spent the previous two seasons playing with the Houston Rockets, however the parties involved were able to come to terms on a buyout. In the early stages of free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers are still unsuccessful. They are unable to engage as Kyrie Irving  chose to extend his Brooklyn Nets deal, as did Russell Westbrook with the Lakers. When John Wall decided to join the Clippers shortly after Marc Stein revealed that the Lakers were interested, things only got harder.

This decision by Wall has received much praise, but one analyst believes he miscalculated the choice. NBA insider Chris Broussard expressed his opinion that Wall should have joined the opposing team in LA during a recent interview on Fox Sports radio. He believes that, instead of the Clippers, LeBron and AD would have allowed him to make a larger difference.

John Wall’s NBA career in a nutshell.

The 2020–21 NBA season was John Wall’s last appearance in a game. He shot 40.4 percent from the field and 31.7 percent from outside the arc in that season, averaging 20.6 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game. According to the other reports, Houston will give Wall around $41 million. The final year of a four-year deal, Wall was due to earn $47.4 million this next season. In Houston’s previous season, Wall did not take part in any games. Wall, who will turn 32 in September, wasn’t going to be in the Rockets’ future plans since they are rebuilding around a youthful core.

From 2014 to 2018, Wall was selected for the All-Star Game five times in a row. He has played in precisely 82 games, including playoffs, since being chosen for the final time four and a half seasons ago. This is equal to one NBA season, and he has earned $150 million in salary while having his career ruined by injury. Wall has a long history of surgeries and injuries. He had both of his knees operated on in 2016, had his 2018–19 season cut short due to treatment for bone spurs in his left heel, and then had a tear in his left Achilles tendon in 2019 that required another operation and a yearlong rehabilitation schedule.

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Chris Broussard’s honest opinion on Wall joining the Clippers.

Chris Broussard, who discussed the move on “First Things First,” suggested that perhaps the Lakers would have made John Wall’s signing a better one. He stated that: “I like John Wall there, but I honestly think he would have had a better chance to make an individual splash with the Lakers. If he joins the Lakers, he’s the starter. He’s penciled in as the starter from day one.” He added that Wall shouldn’t anticipate spending a lot of time on the floor and that the Lakers have far larger needs across the roster, which would have allowed Wall to earn out a significant role.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will be prepared to create some trouble in the Western Conference once they are both totally healthy again. They now have more depth to make a meaningful championship effort thanks to the addition of Wall. The Lakers may have the appeal of becoming the league’s most illustrious team, but Wall’s best choice in LA was unquestionably the Clippers. Despite the former first-round pick’s undeniable potential, the Lakers might not have been the best match for him.

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