Chris Paul to HURT Steph Curry and Warriors’ chances of NBA championship? Paul Pierce suggests veteran PG to SUFFER MENTALLY next season

Chris Paul was traded to the Warriors this off-season, joining forces with Stephen Curry.

Chris Paul to HURT Steph Curry and Warriors’ chances of NBA championship? Paul Pierce suggests veteran PG to SUFFER MENTALLY next season

Paul Pierce and Chris Paul (AP and Getty)

The Golden State Warriors entered last season as the defending champions, but their team lost many key players, ending their season in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. After the season, GM Bob Myers decided to part ways with the team, and Mike Dunleavy Jr. was hired to fill his shoes. Myers had made many championship-winning roster moves in the past. One of the first decisions Dunleavy made a GM was to trade Jordan Poole for Chris Paul.


In his 18 years in the NBA, the point guard has been a part of many different teams. He started with the New Orleans Hornets, then played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, and the Phoenix Suns. Paul and the Warriors have a history of being rivals, having faced each other in the playoffs, and with Stephen Curry as the starting point guard, there are many doubts surrounding the trade.

NBA Legend Paul Pierce also expressed doubts about the trade. In a recent appearance on Showtime Basketball, he said that this would be Chris’s hardest challenge yet because he would have to come off the bench. Having been a starter his whole career, it would be difficult for him to adjust mentally.

Let me tell you something, this is gonna be one of the toughest years of Chris’s career. Just mentally. You know why? Your whole career, you’re a starter, you got the ball in your hands. Now, you gotta make the adjustment mentally to coming off the bench. So now that’s a different type of preparation. You might come in off the bench and you don’t really got a lot of time to warm up. As an older player, that’s difficult.” Pierce said.


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Chris Paul talks about potentially coming off the bench

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Chris Paul (AP Photo/Matt York)

When the Golden State Warriors traded for Chris Paul, it sent shockwaves through the NBA. This was one of the most unexpected trades because the Warriors already had their star point guard Stephen Curry. Additionally, Chris Paul has never come off the bench in any of the 1363 games he has played.

When Chris Paul was asked about taking up the bench role to run the second unit efficiently, which was a major issue last year, Paul brushed off all such questions. “Uhh…are you coaching?” Paul told the media. “It’ll be a conversation for us when camp starts,” he added.

It would be interesting to see how the Warriors integrate CP3 into their fast ball movement style of play. And if they achieve success in doing so, as Paul is known for his methodic slow pick and roll style of play, which is the complete opposite of Warriors’ style of play.


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