“AMERICA WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING” Chris Russo furious and devastated on live television following deadly shootings in Texas

“AMERICA WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING” Chris Russo furious and devastated on live television following deadly shootings in Texas

Chris Russo

Every American is furious over the events that have taken place in the last few days. Starting with the shooting outside of the Fiserv Forum Arena in Milwaukee where two gangs had opened fire in the streets. Then close to a week later, 10 black individuals were killed in a racially influenced hate crime and then a theater shooting in Colorado.

Texas School shooting
Photo from the scene of crime

Around two days ago, the country woke up to the shooting of 19 school children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas. The suspect was identified as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old who had purchased two assault rifles on his birthday. The suspect was hunted down and killed by Border Patrol Officers after nearly an hour-long standoff with the police.

NBA stars react to the deadly shooting at Uvalde, Texas

Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors
Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors

Former NBA Coach of the Year, Steve Kerr had a very emotional rant on gun violence and how the higher authorities of the country have chosen to handle the ongoing issue. “I’m so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. I’m tired of the moments of silence. Enough! There’s fifty senators right now who refuse to vote on H.R.8, which is a background-check rule that the House passed a couple of years ago. It’s been sitting there for two years. And there’s a reason they won’t vote on it: to hold onto power… we can’t get numb to this,” he said in a pre-game press conference.

Chris Paul also sent out his condolences via Twitter saying, “Absolutely tragic, we have to do better as a country! Me and my family are sending prayers to the families affected today at Robb Elementary.” Leader of the NBA clan, LeBron James had also sent out his acknowledgment of the incident in a tweet saying, “There simply has to be change! HAS TO BE!! Praying to the heavens above to all with kids these days in schools.” Many other associates have been actively expressing their thoughts including NBA legend Charles Barkley who questions the safety of children in schools.


Chris Russo gets real on ESPN’s First Take on gun violence

The has not stopped yet as many television personalities have been voicing their frustrations over the lethargy of the American government. Chris Russo was extremely angered by the events that took place that fatal morning and felt the need to use his air time to address the nation on being more responsible. “America, SHAKE UP, WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING,” he said.

“This does not happen in Europe, Japan, China, Israel! Name the country! It happens here. The United States of American. Because of you politicians, in this case, most of them Republicans and the President. Got out there and so something, “ Russo lashed out and apologized for doing so right after. Stephen A Smith joined in on the rant saying, “It’s pretty difficult to talk about sports today. The time has come to call out these politicians, we elected these officials to go up on Capitol Hill and get things done.”

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