“They are winning without him, don’t tell me that doesn’t bother him” Colin Cowherd blasts Kevin Durant for ‘bailing’ on the Warriors

Colin Cowherd criticizes Kevin Durant for quitting on the Warriors in 2019 after failing to lead the Brooklyn Nets playoffs this season.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant may have made a huge mistake leaving his championship-level roster to join forces with players who barely gel in together. As you would have seen, his team barely made through the playoffs even after gaining a momentum most thought will help them win the title, but it simply was not enough. KD is definitely still up in the rankings for being one of the greatest players of all time, but will this be the end of that discussion?

Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets
Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets

The All-Star forward had struggled against Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics during the first round of the post-season. They forced him to turn over the ball constantly and held him tightly away from scoring the ball like he usually would. He revealed that the entire season’s antics were to blame for the Brooklyn Nets’ shortcomings when it really mattered for them to win.

Kevin Durant leaves the Warriors because the Nets had a better culture

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant in action against the Boston Celtics in Game 3

During the 2019 free agency, the Nets landed one of the biggest deals in the history of their franchise by signing Kevin Durant. The player was just coming off an injury-filled season and a finals deficit. Many critiqued him saying he was too quick to give up on the Warriors. There are many reasons why he left the team but one big reason was he thought Brooklyn had the potential of helping him win a title.

Fast forward two years later the Dubs are up 3-0 battling for a spot in the Finals out of the Western Conference. Stephen Curry has been averaging 27.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.9 assists in the playoffs this year while his supporting cast has all equally contributed according to what helps them win. As Durant left Golden State, Andrew Wiggins had joined them to fill in the spot. Though he was labeled as a bad choice of replacement, this year he became an All-Star starter being a perfect fit alongside the big three.

Colin Cowherd says Kevin Durant must regret leaving the Warriors

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Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Analyst Colin Cowherd became very critical of Kevin Durant leaving his former team. He said, “Kevin Durant is a cautionary tale of being very careful of bailing on a Hall-of-Fame Head Coach. Not many exist. Or a Hall-of-Fame point guard. Or a Hall-of-Fame culture.” He continued to dig deep into the scenarios of this past regular season saying,

“He got swept in the first round and the Warriors look like they’ll get into the Finals. He’s playing with an odd cast of characters.” He also said, “The Warriors won pre-KD, with KD and they’re going to win after him. Don’t tell me it doesn’t bother him.”

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