“Had his best career year” Corey Maggette, Stephen Curry’s former teammate, used to date Serena Williams

“Had his best career year” Corey Maggette, Stephen Curry’s former teammate, used to date Serena Williams

Corey Maggette, Serena Williams

Noticeably, Corey Maggette had one of his most deadly streaks in the NBA while dating tennis legend Serena Williams. He was a seasoned veteran who played 14 seasons in the NBA before transitioning to become a Fox Sports broadcaster and a sensation in the BIG3 league.


For more than 20 years, Serena Williams has been among the most well-known athletes in the world. One of the greatest athletes in history may have taken their final strides on the court, and the whole sports world erupted in love and admiration. Serena lost in the US Open, ending her illustrious tennis career after capturing 23 Grand Slam titles. Williams transcended gender barriers as one of the greatest athletes ever. The NBA also showed up to honor the tennis prodigy for his successful career. In the midst of this, it was discovered that she dated two NBA players, one of them being Corey Maggette, a former teammate of Stephen Curry.

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Corey Maggette and his stint in the NBA

A hyper-athletic wing player named Corey Maggette thrived on his ability to score, draw fouls, and ultimately get to the free throw line. During his career in the NBA, this would not only help him become a consistent scorer but also make him one of the most athletic guards in the game. The period that Maggette spent playing for the Clippers is what makes him most famous, where he would establish himself as a reliable scorer who loved to drive straight at the defense and finish at the foul line. From 2003 through 2010, Maggette averaged 19.5 points per game during his scoring heyday and also surpassed the 20-point average three times throughout that period. 


The Duke product would sign with the Golden State Warriors after his saga in Los Angeles. He continued his scoring prowess while playing in the Bay Area for two seasons, averaging slightly over 19 points per game while shooting 50% from the field. He continued to be a dependable presence on the boards, contributing slightly. In his final three NBA seasons, Corey Maggette played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, and Detroit Pistons after departing the Warriors. He had mostly lost his agility at this point, which affected his capacity to make baskets with the basketball. Maggette has gone on to serve as a sports analyst and play in the BIG3 League after leaving the NBA.

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Maggette and Serena Williams

Corey Maggette spent 14 seasons as an NBA player. During a brief stint with the Golden State Warriors, he spent two years on the hardwood with Stephen Curry. The former NBA star will likely go down as one of the finest players to not receive an All-Star nomination. The NBA great, who is well-known for his outstanding scoring abilities with the Los Angeles Clippers, dated Serena Williams somewhere around 2003. A younger Serena Williams had already made a name for herself as tennis’ brightest prospect, while Maggette was establishing himself as one of the NBA’s best offensive guards at the period.

The Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and the American tennis icon wed in 2017; they have a daughter together. She has a good, happy and fulfilled life with her family, with Olympia, her 4-year-old, at the centre of it all. After retiring, Corey Maggette moved on to work as a sports analyst for FOX. Serena  Williams, on the other hand, exited the court as unquestionably one of the greatest tennis players in history.


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