Damian Lillard’s DESPERATE attempt to join Heat continues getting disrupted by Blazers

Blazers continue to resist Damian Lillard's trade to Miami.

Damian Lillard’s DESPERATE attempt to join Heat continues getting disrupted by Blazers

Damian Lillard (image via Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

As the 2023-24 NBA season approaches, the Damian Lillard trade story remains an intriguing question mark. The Portland Trail Blazers have not changed their mind about not trading superstar 33-year-old Damian Lillard, despite repeated rumours and intense interest from the Miami Heat.


The news comes from Heat insider, Barry Jackson, who recently tweeted about the ongoing resistance from the Blazers. He noted, “Meanwhile, as of early this week, Portland was still showing no interest in doing a deal with Heat, who visit Blazers in late Feb. in what is reportedly Portland’s only national TV game. To me, Lillard has much leverage based on how messy he’s willing to make this (unknown).”

Such a situation reminds another point guard’s conflict with his team. James Harden, who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, has a reputation for being vocally aggressive. During a trip to China, he even called team president Daryl Morey a “liar.” Lillard, in contrast to Harden, has kept his complaints relatively low-key and made it clear that he is only interested in playing for one team, the Miami Heat.

Lillard didn’t put on a show, but there is tension present, making it unlikely that he will have an easy transition to the new season. Will he think about using more forceful strategies like Harden? Given his long-standing good relationship with the Blazers, it seems unlikely, but only time will tell.


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What will be Miami Heat’s next move?

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Damian Lillard (Image via Sam Forencich/ Getty Images)

The Miami Heat are in complete control now that the Portland Trail Blazers have established clear boundaries. They must now put together an alluring deal to convince Portland into letting go of their superstar point guard.

According to experts, the Heat may look into the prospect of a three-way trade, seeking the help of another team that may provide the Blazers with a desirable player in exchange for Lillard, along with draft picks to complete the transaction. Since Lillard averaged 32.2 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 7.3 assists per game last season, his acquisition would be a major victory for Miami.

The Blazers’ poor season may have influenced the decision-making process. They have seen how Lillard can still shine even when his team struggles. Therefore, it is both logical and expected that the Blazers will resist trading.


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