Damian Lillard sent emotional “Underdog” message to BTS singer Suga that left NBA Fans dreaming of a collaboration

Could there be a collaboration under way between Damian Lillard and Suga from BTS? You never know!

Damian Lillard and Suga
Damian Lillard and Suga

Damian Lillard shared a heartfelt message for singer Suga from the K-pop band BTS after the latter spoke about Dame and the Portland Trailblazers as being the underdogs, the kind of stories that he likes. Dame’s message to the singer instantly went viral among both the fanbases, that of the NBA and that of K-pop, which is ruled by BTS. This conversation between both the personalities might signal to a collaboration between both of them, which isn’t something highly discussed, but should never be ruled out.

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard

The video that was shared by Damian Lillard on his Instagram account dates back to the December of 2021, which is when the video went viral soon after its release. Suga from BTS had spoken about Portland Trailblazers as being an underdog team in the league, which is something that he appreciates and is a fan of. Lillard didn’t take much time in responding to the motivational message coming from that big of a personality and shared his own heartfelt message in response to it, highlighting the friendship that they had.

Suga from BTS

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Let us take a closer look at this response from Damian Lillard to the BTS Singer who called the Trailblazers “underdogs” and stated that he preferred those teams over the big ones like the Lakers or the Clippers.

Damian Lillard responds to BTS’ Suga and appreciates him for the support

Suga and Damian Lillard
Suga and Damian Lillard

Lillard, the Portland Trailblazers’ star player is someone that carried the burden of the entire team on his shoulder, and brought his team to a comparatively better position than they were in his absence, therefore becoming one of the biggest names in the league coming from a team which isn’t probably one of the most highly discussed NBA teams.

The singer from BTS is someone who had been spotted watching various games, but these were the games of the “big” teams like the Los Angeles Clippers or the Los Angeles Lakers. In reaction to his following of basketball, the singer stated that though he went to the games of these big teams, he like the “underdog” teams like the Portland Trailblazers and players like Lillard more than the big names in the NBA.

In reaction to the singer’s comments, Lillard put out a video of appreciation on Instagram, where he said that he got the chance to see the singer’s article as it was sent to him by someone and followed it up by saying that he really appreciated the latter’s words and he takes it seriously when someone calls him their favourite player and his team their favourite team, which is something that is really important to him. Dame also stated that being a part of the underdog status was to understand that not many people accepted his views but when someone like the singer spreads love then it means a lot to him.

Lillard needed by stating that he couldn’t wait to meet Suga soon highlighting that something big could happen between both the people.

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