Danny Green calls out Rob Pelinka for failing to acquire ‘right pieces’ around LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Danny Green calls out Rob Pelinka for failing to acquire ‘right pieces’ around LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Rob Pelinka and Danny Green

Memphis Grizzlies wing player Danny Green called out Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka after he failed to build a team around the superstar duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The LA Lakers’ misery continues as they have already gone 0-5 in the ongoing season. Green claimed that “rocket science” isn’t required to build a roster knowing who your primary players are.

Danny Green was talking to Howard Beck on ‘The Crossover’ podcast where he quoted, “We know what happened. I think it’s interesting, I mean all the teams that I’ve played for, you try to see what kind of moves they make, what direction they’re going in, and especially if you win a championship there, it’s home, you have some type of invested feeling toward that city, toward that group, toward some of the players that are still there, the organization.”

Danny added, “I mean we know what happened. Things have changed. They have Dennis back now for cheaper. I thought he was a good fit for them. I thought there was a lot of good pieces that were good fits for them that they let go or traded away and they thought they had a better fit. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what you need around LeBron and AD.”

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Rob Pelinka derailed the construction of the roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis

LeBron James Anthony Davis and Rob Pelinka

From winning the 2020 NBA championship to having one of the worst records for the second time around, the LA Lakers are finding it tough to go about their business. They are getting worse every passing season as they currently rank the lowest in the league for both offensive rating and points per game.

Rob Pelinka has been with the team since 2017 but only yielded great results in the 2020 campaign. The other seasons have been very average or terrible. Danny Green was also a part of the Lakers squad in 2019-2020 which was far better than the current lineup. 

The Lakers front office failed miserably after they couldn’t trade Russell Westbrook and he is now being considered a ‘misfit’ by fans as well as experts. The season has only just begun and the Lakers have plenty of time to improve. They will have to crack their heads open to find a better solution for their existing problems. Otherwise, the results will be nothing different than the last season.

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