Moments after losing $500,000 prize opportunity, Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker BOLDLY exposes controversial LeBron James timeout

Booker expresses his disappoinment with a controversial timeout allowed in Suns' pivotal loss to Lakers, asks for fairness.

Moments after losing $500,000 prize opportunity, Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker BOLDLY exposes controversial LeBron James timeout

Devin Booker is disheartened because of the bad call, as the Suns are controversially eliminated from the In-Season Tournament after giving a tough fight (The Athletic)

In a dramatic turn of events during the NBA in-season tournament, the Devin Booker-led Phoenix Suns faced a controversial defeat against the Los Angeles Lakers, marked by a contentious timeout call involving LeBron James. The game, which held a significant $500,000 prize opportunity for the winning team, ended in favor of the Lakers with a final score of 106-103.

The controversy erupted in the game’s final moments when the referees awarded the Lakers a timeout during a loose ball situation. This decision, which appeared to contravene the standard rules of basketball, has sparked widespread debate and criticism, particularly from the Suns’ camp. Booker took to Instagram to express his frustration, sharing a screenshot depicting how blatantly wrong the call was.


Devin Booker, the star guard for the Phoenix Suns, expressed his frustration in the post-game interview:

The whole world's seen it... other players around the league seen this... Refs miss calls sometimes, but... when they're that obvious... it's tough... [Austin] Reaves tried to draw a foul and once we bumped into each other I think he was trying to get the ball back since then and you know that's a good 3-4,5 seconds to build up before LeBron [James] grabbed the referee and called the timeout.

Booker’s comments highlight the Suns’ disappointment with the game’s officiating. The call in question occurred when Los Angeles Lakers’ star Austin Reaves lost control of the ball as Kevin Durant moved in to help Booker. At this moment, the Lakers were unexpectedly granted a timeout which was highly unusual since the Lakers seemingly did not have clear possession of the ball.

The decision not only halted the Suns’ momentum but also potentially cost them the game and substantial prize money. The incident has raised questions about the consistency and fairness of officiating in high-stakes games.


“We’re not asking for favoritism, just a fair chance” – Devin Booker is heartbroken at crucial In-Season Tournament loss to the Lakers

In the post-game interview, Phoenix Suns’ superstar Devin Booker expressed his heartbreak and frustration over the handling of a critical game moment. The NBA in-season tournament quarter-final game was marred by a controversial timeout call. Booker, known for his on-court prowess and competitive spirit, was visibly distraught in his postgame interview, underscoring the emotional impact of the loss.

Devin Booker
The Phoenix Suns lost despite Devin Booker’s 21 points, 6 assists, and 11 rebounds due to a bad call in the deciding minutes of the game (Fadeaway World)
You know when they put so much anticipation on the game… we're not asking for favoritism, just a fair chance and even before the game in the pregame huddles as a team we'd come in and be like 'We understand what type of game it's gonna be just keep playing all the way through it'… we continue to play uphill, battle the whole time and to watch it unfold like that, it's tough

Booker’s comments not only highlight his disappointment but also touch on a critical aspect of professional sports – the expectation of impartiality and fairness from officiating. The incident has raised questions about the consistency of refereeing in the NBA, particularly in crucial game moments. It also underscores the emotional toll such incidents can take on players, who invest immense effort and passion into their performance.

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