Domantas Sabonis going unnoticed despite scoring a double-double in 36 straight games has fans in shock

Domantas Sabonis has also made a triple-double for 3 straight games.

Domantas Sabonis going unnoticed despite scoring a double-double in 36 straight games has fans in shock

Domantas Sabonis with Kevin Durant. (Image via SI)

On Tuesday night, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Sacramento Kings 130-125 at home, stifling the latter’s best performance of the year despite playing on home court against one of the league’s two strongest teams. Domantas Sabonis completely overpowered the Suns. He scored 35 points and achieved another double-double, extending his record to 36 games.


He is also the player sitting at the top for the NBA triple-double this season. Though he was left out of the All-Star game, MVP candidate Sabonis has been on a roll, recording his third straight triple-double and his 18th of the year. With 49 double-doubles and triple-doubles, Sabonis leads the league by significantly, surpassing Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets in both scoring divisions.

Domantas Sabonis surpassed Oscar Robertson on February 3rd to take the franchise record with his 30th straight double-double. And now that he has accomplished this, he is evolving into their greatest player ever. However, his play has always been considered underappreciated. Many sections have seen Sabonis’ denial of an All-Star place as a major disrespect, which is understandable given that he is contributing well to a successful team.

The King’s big man will also forfeit a $1.3 million bonus that is outlined in his contract in addition to failing to get a fourth All-Star selection. Fans are now criticizing the franchise and the team for his underappreciated status because his records do the talking.


Fans are in shock at Domantas Sabonis being underrated even after his double-double in 36 games

With his versatility as a scorer and playmaker, Domantas Sabonis is largely responsible for the Kings’ success this season. This season, Sabonis has scored at least 35 points in two games while also contributing at least ten rebounds and ten assists. Currently, he holds the top spot with a 13.2 rebounding record for the season. Fans are swarming social media with comments about how underrated Sabonis is in light of this record.

Domantas Sabonis
Domantas Sabonis (Credits: Eurohoops)

Fans on X are expressing their utmost gratitude for Sabonis for his accomplishments thus far. Social media is responding to him only positively. Furthermore, people have already been aware of this player’s abilities. For more reactions scroll below:

The Kings are having a season by sitting at the 8th position in the Western Conference standings. De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, the Kings’ All-Star snub duo, utterly crushed the Suns on Tuesday, accounting for 75 of Sacramento’s 125 points. The fact that they still lost is utterly concerning.

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