“Need to get the star players on the show” Dominique Wilkins reveals how can ‘Broken’ Slam Dunk Contest can be revived

Wilkins says during his day the dunk contest set the tone for All-Star weekend, giving fans something to look forward to.

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Dominique Wilkins

Dominique Wilkins is surely one of the most electrifying dunkers NBA fans have ever witnessed. From challenging Michael Jordan in the most emphatic manner to be named in LeBron James’ dream dunk contest list, Wilkins has truly earned the respect. However, with modern-day dunk contest losing its credibility, the two-time champion comes up with a solution on how things can be turned around. 

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Michael Jordan

Two-time Slam Dunk Champion went onto emphasize upon why NBA fans have lost their interest in one of the most looked-after contests, and with his own experiences, stated how it can be fixed. Safe to say, who better than Wilkins to elaborate upon it, especially knowing that he was involved in one of the most memorable DC ever alongside arguable GOAT Michael Jordan. 

What was opinionated by Dominique Wilkins? 

Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins
Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins

In a recent conversation with TMZ Sports, Wilkins stated, “Until you get star athletes, your best players who are athletic to get in the dunk contest. It takes a lot away from it. You don’t have that same pop — that same energy. 

‘Nique then lamented about the old days … when bonafide superstars, legends, entered the contest each and every year. When we did the dunk contest Michael [Jordan] myself, Dr. J, Larry Nance, you talking Spud [Webb] … they wanted to know who the best was.” 

Wilkins says during his day the dunk contest set the tone for All-Star weekend, giving fans something to look forward to. But, Dominique Wilkins admits as of late; it’s been less than stellar. 

“The dunk contest raised the bar for All-Star weekend,” he said. “It’s been hard to watch as of late.” 

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Obi Toppins, Jalen Green, Cole Anthony and Juan Toscano Anderson

The veteran dunker concluded by stating that modern-day players are more concerned about their image and have never focused much upon their abilities on the court, which could simply help them in putting on a good show for the crowd.  

With the 2022 Dunk Contest being one of the major flop-shows of all-time, all eyes will be on the stars who would come out next year in order to revive the lost reputation of the esteemed contest. Will it be any different? Remains to be seen.

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