“He seemed to almost cry while responding to Stephen A. Smith” Draymond Green believes he absolutely roasted Skip Bayless on his podcast

Draymond Green looked a bit satisfied after he took on the team’s critics and especially Skip Bayless on his recent podcast.

Draymond Green laughs at Skip Bayless
Draymond Green laughs at Skip Bayless
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Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green made his voice loud and clear after clinching the 2022 Championship. Either way, the former DPOY was outspoken from the start and after adding yet another championship ring, gave him extra motivation to fire back at numerous critics. He recently blasted the haters, critics on his podcast and seemed satisfied while calling out the ultimate villain. With the rise of the “new media,” 32-year-old forward has feuded with several current media members, in particular Skip Bayless. During a recent collaboration between the Golden State Warriors star’s podcast and JJ Redick’s podcast, Green spoke about destroying Skip Bayless. Now the “Old Media” and “New Media” war has just started to heat up.

Draymond Green was vocal about his issue with the members of the traditional media. He faced huge criticism for some poor show in the NBA playoffs, but now that the Warriors proved their mantle in the postseason, he is even more ferocious on the doubters. He started with The Draymond Green Show podcast where he openly gave his opinions on the games, and TV shows.

Draymond Green destroys Skip Bayless on various grounds

Draymond Green
Draymond Green

4-time NBA Champion Draymond Green was heavily criticized for his performances in the 2022 NBA playoffs. But his performances were equally important for the Warriors as they were in the past 3 championship runs, though it might not be very visible on the stat sheet. Skip Bayless took the liberty to make “money” off Green’s ‘misery’ – thrashing him on the shows. But after winning the NBA championship, Green gave it back to the Skip. And in a recent crossover episode between his podcast and JJ Redick’s podcast, Green spoke about destroying Bayless.

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“To absolutely destroy Skip Bayless, I never seen the rebuttal, but I’m sure he was as s****y as he was when Stephen A crushed him last week. He looked like he was about to cry when he’s responding to Stephen A. But the reality is the reason you should believe Stephen A, no 1 he’s a real guy. I’m not just saying that because he’s my guy.” Draymond commented.

Stephen A. Smith – another sports media personality, recently spoke to JJ Redick about saving First Take when Skip Bayless hosted the show and asked him to during their ESPN days. Green commented that NFL champion Shannon Sharpe also saved Bayless when they hosted a show on Fox Sports.

Draymond said“Shannon actually saved the guy when he went to the next network. So, when Stephen A. comes out and said, “No, the show was suffering and I came on and saved it.” You’d be a fool to not believe that because the show was suffering and Shannon came and saved it. So, I enjoyed it more than anything.”

Skip Bayless’ shows are more of a debate kind f shows, which require 2nd person to agree or disagree with the comments. So he always had co-hosts for his shows, and as per Green, Skip had his two biggest shows with the help of other stars. Well, Skip was a member of both the successful shows, and it’s quite debatable whether Skip saved his Co-host or vice versa.  

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless

For Draymond Green, Stephen A.’s comments gave him some firepower to take a shot at Skip Bayless. Interestingly Bayless had invited Green onto his show Undisputed, but Green declined the invitations. And even Green commented that he would not have Skip on his Podcast, because it would be a shameful debate for a 70-years old analyst.

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