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“Even he kicked LeBron in the head” Draymond Green claims he is tested differently by NBA refs ⁩

Draymond Green calls out NBA referees for creating their own rules against him

Draymond Green is famous for his blatant honesty and he never holds back. His attitude on the court has been just the same in fact. Many people view him as a dirty player while only the Golden State Warriors know his true worth. For what it is worth, he is successful because of the things he has done.

Draymond Green

Recently he won his fourth title with the Warriors and of his own. This was an extremely proud moment for the team and almost everyone present that day were left in tears going into the locker room.  Besides the dominance Stephen Curry brought the game, it was Green’s efforts that played a much genuine factor in their victory.

Draymond Green took a huge beating during the NBA Finals as the Boston Celtics fans were everything but kind to him. The arena at Boston had everybody screaming profanities at him using his name while his family sat in the audience. Even then, he never stayed quiet and shared his true feelings over social media as well.


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Draymond Green slams NBA officiators for their biased nature

Draymond Green contests a shot of Ja Morant

Over the last few years, NBA referees have often been accused of being extremely biased with their favorite teams. This has also led to them selectively giving away foul calls. Draymond Green claims that he is a victim of this behavior bringing up an incident involving his for rival.

On the Checc’n In with Caffeine podcast, he high key threw his own good friends under the bus saying, “There’s Draymond Green rules. There’s 100 percent Draymond Green rules. Evan Mobley did the same exact thing and kicked LeBron in the head, ain’t nobody talking about wanting to kick him out, ain’t nobody talking like it was purpose.”

The veteran was not entirely wrong about it either as he was in foul trouble during the Finals and almost got suspended on multiple occasions. He brought up an instance when superstar rookie illegally kicked LeBron James in the face. Yet the rook faced no penalty whatsoever.

Green still committed one of the biggest fouls in NBA history and this particular one would have resulted in 2016 title reign if it had not gotten ejected over an altercation with James. But the two have grown extremely fond of each other as well. Bron for one had openly admitted wanting play along with Dray who is an incredible motivator and team players.

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