“They were never going to beat us” Draymond Green disrespects Rockets with ultimate Kevin Durant-truth bomb

Read and know more about Draymond Green discussing the vital role Kevin durant played in the Warriors' championship run in 2017 and 2018 and mentioning that the Houston Rockets weren't a match for them back in the days.

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant
Draymond Green and Kevin Durant
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The Draymond Green Show and The Old Man & The Three’s Draymond Green and JJ Redick collaborated this week for a live crossover episode where they talked in-depth about everything from the Warriors’ championship to “new media” with special guest Stephen A. Smith. Kevin Durant and Draymond Green may have had the most infamous altercation that caused KD to leave the Golden State Warriors, but that doesn’t mean Dray doesn’t understand what KD means to the group.Green claimed in the talk show that without the arrival of Durant, the Warriors would not have been able to topple Cleveland.

The topic of Durant’s role to the championship teams in 2017 and 2018 has drawn the most attention, with many people questioning whether the Warriors would have won the championship without him this year if they hadn’t discussed it earlier. Green claims that they did it in order to defeat those Cavs squad, not to defeat the Rockets, as he smiled while maintaining that Houston would never have done so.

What Kevin Durant meant for Draymond Green and the Warriors!

Kevin Durant moved to the Bay Area and helped the Warriors win back-to-back championships over the following two seasons after LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers prevented them from repeating as NBA champions in 2016. A lot has transpired since the KD era, from Durant’s departure in free agency to Golden State hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy once again without him. The KD era is unforgettable in Dub Nation history.

In his opinion, teams had begun to recognise the Warriors’ motion-heavy offence and needed a player who could simply score when things went wrong. At that time, he didn’t believe Curry was capable of doing this; however, playing through those years and growing stronger helped Steph reach the same level as KD as an isolation scorer. The Warriors’ three-year relationship with Durant came to an abrupt conclusion, but their dominance should be cherished for what it was. No greater offensive unit ever touched the court than Golden State’s at its height.

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When asked if Kevin Durant joining the Warriors had an impact on the Warriors over Lebron and the Cavs, Green stated: “I don’t think that team wins another championship if Kevin doesn’t come … We would not have beat the Cavs coming back around without Kevin.” The narrative against Durant has changed more as a result of Golden State’s fourth championship in eight seasons and his drama-filled time with the Brooklyn Nets. Green deserves praise for clarifying the situation.

When questioned about if the Houston Rockets, Golden State’s greatest threat in the Western Conference during those years, were subject to the same cliche, Dray responded differently: “Yeah, we was beating them for sure. That team was never going to beat us. It just was not going to happen,” said the Warriors star. That information on the Rockets’ two playoff meetings with Durant and the Warriors is noteworthy, especially the details about the 2018 Western Conference Finals.

The Rockets led the series 3-2, but Durant harassed them, as he did most opponents, scoring 30.4 points per game on average. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were sweeped by Durant and the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

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