“Grizzlies are small a threat..Mavs are BIG” Draymond Green drops Luka Doncic truth bomb that will piss off Ja Morant

Golden State Warriors star forward gave his predictions for the upcoming season, considering the Dallas Mavericks as a potential threat over Memphis Grizzlies – which might give Ja Morant and the team some extra motivation for upcoming fixtures

Draymond Green and Ja Morant
Draymond Green and Ja Morant

Draymond Green has taken the media world more aggressively as he was busy with his podcasts during the NBA playoffs, and even after the Championship parade, he is not taking any rest from the newfound off-court duty. He is regularly seen either on a talk show, his podcast or in an interview giving away his views about the games and the championship run – and also thrashing “Old media” people for devaluing the Warriors in the 2022 postseason.

In a recent interview with fellow “New Media” member JJ Redick, the Warriors’ star forward names Dallas N=Mavericks as a potential threat and even ranks them higher than the Grizzlies in order of threat.   

Interestingly, The Warriors beat the Boston Celtics to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy, but it’s their lingering beef against conference semi-finalists Ja Morant and Memphis Grizzlies that remained the talk of the town post Championship run. Out of 4 teams faced in the playoffs, It was Grizzlies who made the Warriors work harder for the win, as many considered a healthy Memphis team could have given Stephen Curry and co. run for their money.  

Draymond and Klay Thompson targeted the Grizzlies after winning the 4th Championship ring, which already had the young team looking for some payback. And now such comment from the form the DPOY on the team may add even more fuel to the fire.

Draymond Green ranks Dallas Mavericks higher than Memphis Grizzlies on the difficulty level

Draymond Green at a press conference
Draymond Green at a press conference

In his recent live appearance in a joint podcast with JJ Redick’s The Old Man and the Three, the Warriors star was asked about potential threats to the Championship from the Western Conference in the upcoming season. at length about the Memphis Grizzlies. He gave away his idea behind the team’s current pool of players – branding them too young and inexperienced to be considered a true threat to their chance at another title. Green sees the talent in the team, but inexperience and maybe over-aggressive plays are costing Memphis important games.

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Draymond highlighted how the Dallas Mavericks were a more serious threat to the throne thanks to the Slovakian star Luka Doncic. He said, “Dallas is a threat because they have one of the best players to play. … In most series that Luka Doncic plays in, he’s going to be the best player on the floor. I can’t quite say they’re a problem yet, but they are 100% a big threat. Memphis is little threat. Dallas is a big threat,”

What might amuse people is that the Warriors defeated Dallas more convincingly in 5 games in the 2022 conference finals, while the Memphis Grizzlies series was the closest encounter that the 2022 NBA Champs faced in the whole of the postseason. Also, Memphis had a better record than the Mavs in the 2022 regular season. But as per Former DPOY, Dallas still would be a stronger contender for the championship than the Grizzs.

Considering the already palpable animosity between the Warriors and Grizzlies sides after their heated Western Semi-Finals battle, this just adds to the bulletin board material that Ja Morant and co. likely have in their locker room in anticipation of the next rematch against the defending champs.

Draymond Green and Ja Morant
Draymond Green and Ja Morant

In a very recent Twitter war, Memphis grizzlies stars were calling out Golden State Warriors for a rematch on the Christmas eve, to which Green hilariously replied on the show, “Champs don’t go away on vacations, you can come to bay area for the match, We will have dinner together at my home too.”

Draymond also mentioned LA Clippers as the strongest team from the west in the coming season, decoding their roster strength and quality coach.

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