“Worst ambassador of the game” – Draymond Green gets EJECTED 4 minutes into game leaving fans annoyed with his actions

This is Draymond Green's 4th ejection of the 2023-24 season.

“Worst ambassador of the game” – Draymond Green gets EJECTED 4 minutes into game leaving fans annoyed with his actions

Draymond Green gets ejected 4 minutes into game between Golden State Warriors and Orlando Magic

Draymond Green just made it even more difficult for fans to accept his antics. After handling his return from the indefinite suspension well, he was ejected tonight against the Orlando Magic. What annoyed fans were two things, first, the Golden State Warriors star was ejected 4 minutes into the game, and second, he was ejected because he was continuously arguing with the referees.


Draymond Green‘s focus entering the game was to help his team win. With 4 minutes into the game, Paolo Banchero drove to the rim for a layup with Andrew Wiggins defending. The referee instantly blew the whistle for a foul. Conversely, Green, who saw the entire play develop, started arguing with the referee. As he kept on arguing, the referee issued him a technical foul. This led the defensive ace to continue his argument and ended up with what seemed like using curse words. Subsequently, the referee issued a second technical and ejected Green.

This incident left the Warriors without their most important defender and playmaker to fend off the young Orlando Magic. The former Defensive Player of the Year star could not keep his cool so early in the game. At one point his superstar teammate, Stephen Curry tried to stop the argument. He was visibly frustrated with Green’s non-stop tirade.

It is a different matter that the Warriors went on to win the game. Had they lost this crucial road matchup, the entire blame would have gone in the direction of Green. However, fans still expressed their frustration toward his behavior.

Draymond Green’s mindless ejection annoys fans

Basketball fans have come out to bash the former All-Star. According to them, the ejection was unnecessary. They feel Green could have easily avoided the second technical foul. After all, that is the most sensible thing to do when one’s arguments result in the first technical.


Fans feel Green should have stopped before hampering his team. They took to social media to vent their frustrations about the forward’s antics. Check some of them below;

If only Draymond Green can keep his cool, he could contribute more. After all, without him, there is no way the Golden State Warriors can expect a decent run in the playoffs.

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