“US Sports Culture is all about HYPOCRISY” Draymond Green openly distributed marijuana at his wedding while Montrezl Harrell faced felony charges for the same

Draymond Green reportedly set up a marijuana station at his dazzling wedding on Saturday amid recent marijuana controversies starring basketball players are on the rise.

Draymond Green(center) with Lebron and Curry at his wedding
Draymond Green(center) with Lebron and Curry at his wedding
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Draymond Green just added a fifth ring to his hand, less than two months after winning his fourth NBA ring. After becoming engaged in early 2019, he married Hazel Renee on Saturday. DaBaby and Roddy Rich performed during the couple’s celebrity-studded wedding, which also featured a decent number of athletes. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Moses Moody, as well as Juan Toscano Anderson, a former teammate, and other NBA players like Lebron James, Jason Tatum, and KCP were among them. The major feature was that Green’s wedding over the weekend included a blunt-rolling station as a party handout.

One of the main global concerns is the use of marijuana by athletes, and Draymond Green’s passing out massive blunts at his wedding demonstrates the NBA stars’ position on the issue. Marijuana laws in both the United States and other countries have serious flaws. While Montrezl Harrell, another star in the League, was caught for having marijuana in his possession, WNBA star Brittney Griner received a 9-year prison term for illegally possessing marijuana and is currently being imprisoned in a Russian prison. Green went all in for his wedding during this time by providing marijuana to all of his guests.

Draymond Green’s star studded wedding!

Draymond Green stopped all of his offseason podcasting on Saturday night to celebrate his marriage ceremony to Hazel Renee. Numerous other NBA stars and figures, in addition to his Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, were present. LeBron James, Rich Paul, and former teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson, an Oakland native who departed the Warriors for the Lakers this summer, was seen posing for photos and enjoying the celebration together in Instagram stories from people on the star-studded guest list. The wedding of his on-court rival was attended by even Jayson Tatum, whose Boston Celtics lost to the Warriors in the 2022 NBA Finals after a polarizing series.

It just serves to highlight how significantly Draymond has impacted the NBA and how many people are behind him off the court. The list was probably ten times longer than that; they were only a few of the persons shown. Draymond will always speak his opinion, whether you love him or loathe him, and many players are drawn to his style of thinking. Draymond and the Warriors deserve some downtime in the offseason after several years of intense stress, injuries, and what can only be defined as horrible luck. When it comes to assists, blocks, and steals, Green is one of only four players in NBA postseason history to rank in the top 25 all-time.

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Some of the top players in the NBA have been supporting for BG’s release from Russia, including Draymond Green, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry, mainly because they do not view marijuana usage as a felony act as the majority of other nations do. The fact that there appears to have been a fully stocked cannabis bar with “Hazel Haze” and some “All Day Day” suggests that he also wanted any visitors who were present who were interested in indulging in some mindfulness to take the edge off and relax. It’s unclear if attendees smoked blunts there or if they were given them to go home after the party.

The United States is in a difficult position to demonstrate its attitude as a country with probably no concept of where to go from here when some athletes are facing jail time and some got themselves prohibited from competing in the Olympics or World Championships for consuming marijuana. Green and his partner really upped their game for their wedding, whereas other couples understandably choose to have an open bar. We can only hope that this sets a trend for future weddings.

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