“Hasn’t played in a game since January 1st,” Draymond Green savagely trolls Tari Eason for calling out Warriors

Draymond Green did not have any mercy in his reply to Tari Eason.

“Hasn’t played in a game since January 1st,” Draymond Green savagely trolls Tari Eason for calling out Warriors

Draymond Green and Tari Eason

The Golden State Warriors are hanging on to the 10th seed in the West, as Draymond Green defended his team from players calling them out. Meanwhile, the Houston Rockets are climbing up in the West, cruising with a 10-game winning streak. With just one game behind, a Warriors loss is all it would take for the Rockets to advance to the Play-In tournament.


Recently, Tari Eason, the Rockets forward called out the Dubs, following the Rockets’ overtime win against the Thunder. The Dubs also came up victorious playing the Magic. However, Draymond Green came in for the rescue, responding to Eason on his podcast.

When I saw it I wasn't surprised at all. I am a little surprised that he hasn't played a game since January 1st. It's kind of tough to come out and play and you're not going to play. 
Draymond Green said on his podcast

Tari Eason played 22 games this season before suffering a season-ending injury. To call out the Warriors at this point is indeed a heated battle. The Dubs cannot lose a game, whereas the Rockets are probable to win their next few games, looking at their current form.

Draymond Green and company will look to hang on

With the Warriors stuck in a desperate position, the squad has to hang on to the 10th seed. Stephen Curry has slightly lacked in the last two games, though Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins did step up in his place. Elsewhere, Jalen Green has been the captain of the ship, leading the Rockets to 10 straight wins. At this point, the Warriors will have to take each game such as a postseason game.


Houston has found its rhythm and continues to dominate over the best of squads. Going into the Play-In, the Warriors need a desperate win on Friday against the Hornets. On the other hand, the Rockets will look to extend their streak, playing the team below them, the Utah Jazz. It will be interesting to see the showdown, which is more of a game between the Rockets and the Dubs rather than their matchup.

It will be interesting to see Houston make arguably one of the best comebacks in regular season history. Meanwhile, the Dubs are set to play Houston on April 4th on the road. The same franchise gave the Dubs a tough time five years ago. It’s safe to say that the Rockets have a rivalry building up.

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