Draymond Green’s support for Miles Bridges after brawl doesn’t sit well with fans

Draymond Green's unexpected defense of Miles Bridges surprises fans.

Draymond Green’s support for Miles Bridges after brawl doesn’t sit well with fans

Draymond Green (Left) and Miles Bridges (Right) (via Open Source/X)

Continuing their momentum from the All-Star break, the Golden State Warriors secured their second consecutive victory. After defeating the Los Angeles Lakers, they demonstrated their dominance against the Charlotte Hornets with a convincing 97-84 win. While the majority of the game unfolded without much excitement, tensions flared in the closing seconds.


As the clock wound down with the Golden State Warriors comfortably ahead by 13 points, guard Lester Quinones made a layup attempt, only for it to be blocked by Hornets’ wing Miles Bridges in a goal-tending violation. Bridges, displeased with Quinones breaking the unwritten rule of running out the clock during a blowout, reacted by forcefully shoving him in the chest. In a matter of seconds, the peaceful atmosphere turned chaotic as players engaged in frenzied pushing and shoving.

In an unexpected turn of events, Draymond Green, known for swiftly defending his teammates in such circumstances, chose a different approach this time. Rather than condemning the opposing player for their actions, Green surprised everyone by expressing his admiration and affection for Bridges, deviating from his typical response. He said:

Miles is my guy, he’s my little brother, so I’m not going to sit here and go in on Miles, Miles can do no wrong to me.
Draymond Green during post-game interview

Draymond Green expressed admiration for Miles Bridges despite Bridges initiating physical contact, Green chose to focus his criticism solely on Grant Williams, with whom he has a history dating back to the 2022 NBA Finals. This suggests Green is venting pent-up frustrations, as he also called out Williams for his tough demeanor during the same press conference.


Fans react on social media to Draymond Green’s statement

Draymond Green’s unexpected defense of Miles Bridges, despite Bridges’ involvement in the altercation during the closing moments of the Golden State Warriors-Charlotte Hornets game, surprised many. However, some fans expressed dissatisfaction with Green’s remarks with their tweets on X.

Draymond Green during his press conference
Draymond Green addresses the Warriors vs Hornets brawl (Image via X)

Here are a few fan reactions:

Green, familiar with the repercussions of being an agitator, was aware of the controversy he sparked with his comments about Miles Bridges.

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