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“They stand up for things until it affects money or business” Enes Kanter Freedom calls out ‘hypocritical’ Adam Silver, NBA after being pushed to retirement

Enes Kanter Freedom is not a fan of Adam Silver and NBA's policy.

Enes Kanter Freedom expresses his discontent with Adam Silver

Enes Kanter Freedom feels his freedom has been snatched away by Adam Sandler, the NBA Comissioner. Enes Kanter Freedom went in on the NBA and Adam Sandler, calling them hypocrites and revealing how he believes they’re trying to force him to retire due to his willingness to speak his mind. He had been on various playoff teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers in the past and was in his second stint as a backup big for the Boston Celtics during the first half of this season. 

Adam Silver has overseen a great era of basketball, and the game has become a truly global sport. The NBA community expressed how impressed he was with Silver following his Thursday press conference. He heaped praise onto NBA’s top-ranking figure not only as one of the best commissioners in sports, but as one of the best CEOs in the world, in all top organizations.

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“I’m going to push through it” – Enes Kanter Freedom fires shots at the NBA and Adam Silver for forcing him into retirement

Enes Kanter Freedom

The 30-year-old center played 35 games with the Celtics last season, averaging 3.7 points and 4.6 rebounds, before being traded to Houston and subsequently waived. He’s made headlines for his criticism of the league. Freedom’s play has also fallen off dramatically from a few years ago when he was a reliable piece off the bench on a playoff team in Oklahoma City.

One of the most outspoken basketball player, and it seems it has caught up to him. The 30-year-old was in Washington, D.C., recently and revealed his feeling that the NBA is trying to force him into early retirement.

“They’re pushing me to retire at the age of 30. When you talk about some of the uncomfortable situations are happening around the world, and when your organization that you play for 11 years got tied up with billions of dollars with dictatorship, it’s tough. I’m going to push through it. I’m still working out. I’m still practicing.”

“The NBA and Adam Silver is definitely one of the most hypocritical organizations and one of the most hypocritical commissioners out there in the world. They stand up for things until it affects their money or business. Someone had to expose them and someone finally exposed them,” Freedom stated.

Kanter did credit players in both the NBA and WNBA for advocating on behalf of Brittney Griner, who is currently imprisoned in Russia on drug charges, but said the US government should be doing more on her behalf.

“They definitely need to do more because you’re dealing with, like I said again, one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world,” Freedom said. “Human rights is above politics, so I’m going to do whatever I can to bring awareness and be the voice of all the innocent people who don’t have a voice.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Silver brushed past numerous NBA-related topics ahead of Game 1 of the Finals, which the Celtics won 120–108 over Green’s Warriors. He revealed that the league was considering changing the All-NBA voting process and said that he was “confident” that the league would alter its officiating policy in regard to the ‘transition take foul’. The CEO also waded into the waters of league expansion talk, amid rumors that the NBA could be exploring the addition of new franchises. However, Enes Kanter Freedom is not one of his biggest fans.

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