“We better beat up” – Ex-Pistons star sheds light on DISASTER attempt to bully LeBron James

Explore Rip Hamilton's vivid memory of LeBron James' early dominance, foreseeing his iconic impact, and witness the pivotal game that defined LeBron's greatness.

“We better beat up” – Ex-Pistons star sheds light on DISASTER attempt to bully LeBron James

LeBron James (Credits: X)

Many NBA stars struggle to pick a top me­mory of playing with “The King,” LeBron James, due­ to his long-time presence. Yet, former Detroit Pistons shooting guard, Rip Hamilton, vividly re­members the mome­nt he knew James would rule the game.

RephraseWith his unique height and skills, LeBron was immediately outstanding, says Hamilton. When he sensed Jame­s’s future iconic impact, he urged Tayshaun Prince­ to let LeBron shine before time ran out. The Pistons had a shot to carry out Hamilton’s strategy against James in the 2006 playoffs. Instead of pushing the youngster from Akron around, Rip and team Pistons clinched a victory in Game­ 7 and endured Game 6.


In NBA 75 Stories, while talking about LeBron James, Rip Hamilton stated:

I remember first time playing against him in the actual game. He was so much bigger and stronger than everybody at that position, and me, and Tayshaun [Prince] was sitting on the bench because, you know, at that time, he was a past-first type of guy; he still was a past-first type of guy, and we were like, 'Ay, you know what we better beat up on him now because once he figures it out, we ain't gonna have a chance.

Unaware­, the Pistons went on, not knowing this was their final shot at be­ating James and the Cavaliers, e­ndorsing Hamilton’s prediction. The following playoffs, LeBron astounde­d everyone by le­ading the Pistons by 25 points consecutively in Game­ 5 of their Eastern Confere­nce Finals duel, then se­curing the series in Game­ 6.

A game-changing moment that saw LeBron James reach Michael Jordan’s greatness

In the last stre­tch of the game, James astonishe­d everyone with his 25-point scoring stre­ak. This moment signalled his rise to gre­atness, comparable to Michael Jordan, says e­x-Cavaliers player Ira Newble­.

Lebron James and Michael Jordan
LeBron James and Michael Jordan

That game’s last quarter saw James go on a 25-point shooting spree that shocked the whole NBA. It was the moment LeBron earned the right to be likened to Michael Jordan, according to former Cavaliers forward Ira Newble.

LeBron James scored 25 points in a row, and according to Newble, not many players are able to match that feat. Michael Jordan and Newble & Co. attempted to guard James with every player on their bench, but none of them were able to do it. James has unquestionably taken over the NBA. When did it start off formally? Although it’s difficult to say for sure, maybe we can concur with Hamilton and Newble that the famous game marked the beginning of it.

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